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1. SalomonXR Mission

This is Cassie’s choice shoe. A very comfortable shoe that can lead you to explore the urban jungle and without hesitation will lead you off the beaten path to the top of your next mountain.


2. ExOfficcioGive ‘n’ Go Underwear

The low-down on Exofficio is that you can actually go “6 weeks with only one pair of underwear. Okay maybe two.” You may feel disgusted by this initially and that is normal. How can I make my 2 month trip in europe with only two pair of underwear? This is how it works. When you take your shower at the end of the day, bring your underwear in there with you. Wring them with some soap as you are cleansing yourself. Rinse and let them dry over night. They will dry very quickly too by the way. If you keep this rotation going, you will only need two pair of underwear. Save space!


3. Arc’teryxPhase AR Zip Neck

Th Phase AR Zip Neck is a three season base-layer. You can use this lay for ski season or for your morning jogs in fall. A cool day in spring when you need a  good layer to keep you warm in the morning and cool when the sun comes out. The Phase AR will move moisture off of your skin onto the garment and into the atmosphere. It is a midweight layer.




4. Sea-to-SummitCool Max Adaptor Liner w/ Insect Shield

The cool thing about this liner is that you can use it as a sleeping bag. In Texas, any sleeping bag rated for 40 degrees is going to be a furnace for three seasons out of the year. If you have ever lived in Texas, you know we really only have two seasons. Ten months of summer and two months of fall, winter, and spring crammed into two months.  This liner will be the most practical thing to use for camping in Texas because of temperatures. Plus, it has permethrin woven into the fabrics deterring bugs away from your space.


5. PatagoniaTres Parka

The Tres Parka is a 3-in-1 coat. The inner liner can be unzipped from the jacket. When you need to shed a layer, unzip it and leave it at home. You can still wear each piece separately for different climates. With a down coat on the inside this will definitely keep you toasty. A waterproof outer liner will keep the climate out. Cassie likes this coat because it is fashionable and functional. You have three ways to wear this coat. It can go with a dress or cover up your casual easy shirt and jeans. Not to mention it is a true down coat which is very comfortable.


6. Aetrex Insoles2405

This is the type of thing that you need to come in to get properly fit. Cassie got custom fit for these particular insoles and wears them nearly everyday. Once you get your foot scanned we can accurately place you in the correct insole.


7. MSRReactor Stove

If you are outdoors backpacking, or even cooking  while car camping, this is the most efficient cooker you can get. It traps the heat in the side vents and can boil a liter of water in less than 2:00 minutes with a 12 MPH wind. There is no other outdoor cooker that can do the same.


8. SorelTofino Boot

Once again fashion meets function. Can’t beat a very cute boot, especially when it keeps you fashionably warm after a full day of fresh lines.


9. Moving ComfortFiona Bra

4 out of 5 women are not properly fitted for a sports bra. That means you are probably not getting the support you ned! Support your girls and get professionally fitted!


10. Black Diamond EquipmentApollo Lantern

Lighting up your tent hasn’t been more compact-able, easy to use, and puposeful. The telescoping top, can collapse down and save space. When retracted it creates a great deal of light in a 4 foot diameter. Putting out 80 lumens you can reduce that to 20 lumens. The hooks also hang from the top if you want to hang it from the top of your tent.




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1. GoPro Hero 3 Black


Michael has been wanting this camera because he can do all of his climbing and biking and YouTube them for the world to see. Instead of telling the sick lines he climbed yesterday, he can show them! GoPro just updated their Studio 2.0 program too! you can add the cool GoPro branding intro with the sound effects to all of your videos. Check it out here.

2. La Sportiva Mythos


It’s the best fitting climbing shoes in my (and Michael’s too) opinion. It has an old-school lacing system that has been around for 30+ years thus making it actually old school. La Sportiva must be doing something right. Right? Vibram Rubber always adds value to a product. He has had his for to years and they are still kicking, or should he say… climbing.

3. Eagle Nest Outfitter’s Hammock Rasta


Packable. Portable. Relaxation. The personalization of colors and accessories and bug shields. Just gotta have one. I mean who doesn’t like hammocks.If you get one, get the Atlas Straps too. You will be glad you did.

4. Altra Intuition 1.5 Orange


Michael wears these everyday. I think that says enough, right?

5. Arc’Teryx Muira 35


As a climber, Michael sees the practicality of this bag. Can’t blame him for choosing an Arc’teryx well… anything. Can’t ever go wrong with Arc’teryx. The bag opens up very nicely to have everything lain out in plain sight. AND! Wraps up very nicely too.

6.Suunto Ambit 2 Black/silver


This is the sickest watch that Suunto carries. Who wouldn’t want this watch? The Ambit2 has upgrade-ability. You can buy a heart rate monitor separately that will allow you to monitor your heart rate zones. Along with the basic standards that come with from Suunto watches, you will have built in GPS in the watch.

7. Black Diamond Icon Headlamp


Multiple settings allow for dim lighting and even red lights for the situations that you want to remain low-profile. The Icon flashes out 200 lumens to keep your spelunking lit up.

8. Patagonia Classic Retro-X Sweater


The woolie mammoth sweater! Someone could mistake you as a yeti snow monster of some sorts but you will look good doing it! The retro patterns are coming back as Patagonia is pushing old school patterns across this season’s line of apparel.

9. Metolius Simulator 3D board


A place to Practice at home. This is a trainer board that you can work finger strength with a range of shallow and deep pockets. Work on crimp and open hand strengthening. It comes with a manual to demonstrate how to work out on the board. Here‘s an example of how you can workout on the board if you want to see how good of a tool this can be for your climbing. The board is a simple at home tool to use to, when your bored (or should I say board. HA!), start getting as strong as this guy, Jan Hojer. I dare you.

10. Black Diamond Crag Hoody

thumb-black diamond crag hoody onyx

It is a slim fitting rock culture inspired jacket.

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At Good Sports Outfitters we are widely known for professional shoe fittings. Little did you know that we also do professional bra fittings. Typically when you have a running injury, the first problem is a misfit in the wrong shoes. The same principle applies to sports bras. While you probably do not have a sports bra injury, you probably have discomfort caused by an incorrectly fitted bra because you have settled for a sub-par sports bra. The truth is that 8 out of 10 women are not properly fit for the correct sized sports bra. That means you are likely one of them! I’m sure you have at least one sports bra in your drawer that you have settled with. Moving comfort works everyday to reduce that statistic. When you are properly fitted for the correct bra, things will begin to look up.

You want a bra that will not let your girls down. Plus, with all the movement you do in a run you are constantly jostling the girls. The leader in sports bras is Moving Comfort. They have taken simple principles and applied them into their work. Their motif is to make women empowered with support.



1. A good sports bra prevents sagging by protecting the ligaments that support breast tissue.

2. A good sports bra will reduce movement in half

3. A good sports bra will fit correctly.

If you are going to get a Moving Comfort bra, make sure to get it fit properly by coming into the store. One of our bra specialists will measure your bust and fit you into the correct bra given your needs. If you cannot make it into the store then you should check out movin comfort’s Sports Bra Fitting Room and get some advice from the professionals.

Three bra’s you need to try on.

1. The Fiona


2. Juno


3. Cali


Jenna Pugh told a candid personal story about finding her first moving comfort bra. Once she tried out their line of sports bras she was sold. I would recommend checking out her personal account here. I recommend reading her blog mostly because as a guy, I can’t tell you on a personal level how important sports bras are. But! I do understand the practical side of needing support.

Of course as you know now, getting fit is the most important aspect of finding the correct sports bra. If there is only one thing that you take away from this short read make sure that it is getting fit correctly. Whether you get fit here at Good Sports Outfitters or online with the Moving Comfort Fitting Room, get fit properly!

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Arc’teryx is hands down the go-to for the highest quality technical gear. If you are buying something Arc’teryx, you are buying the forefront in heavily tested, thought out and practical purposeful apparel. Arc’teryx wins first place in high quality technical garments in my book. No doubt.


Phase AR fabrics are not worth the $75.00! Why would I pay so much for a base layer?

When you are looking for a base-layer that can deal with cold temperatures and warm weather conditions at the same time, this is the perfect base-layer. It will be a multi-season  layer that can be used more frequently than on ski trips. It will be cooling you there on a summer hike, but keeping you warm on a winter pow day. That’s why.

The Phase AR fabric is also woven with hydrophobic yarns.  Arc’teryx has taken moisture wicking yarns, similar to under armor fabric, and combined it with these hydrophobic yarns. The Arc’teryx Phase AR fabric will not allow water to hold. It wicks moisture off of your skin faster than a ninja swipe at night. This means that in warm weather when you are working your body at high levels, it maintains temperature absurdly well by moving moisture off your skin and onto the garment. The act of moving moisture cools. You stay cool. That is simple science.

Seen in the red fibers below is a representation of hydrophobic fibers. The grey tubes are the synthetic moisture wicking fabrics. This .gif file represents the process of how moisture is releasing from the garment. Starting from the active stage, secondly to the dispersion stage, and lastly with the evaporation stage. phasic-technology

Having hydrophobic fibers dramatically increases the dispersion rate of moisture. As seen in the picture below, you can visualize water dispersing over the fabric much faster than other brand’s fabrics. This creates higher surface area for the moisture to be wicked away much more rapidly.


At the same time, removing moisture keeps you warm because that moisture isn’t getting rapidly colder in a cold climate. So when you’re in cold climates this layer will keep you dry and warm. The moisture will not  build up and turn sweat into frozen icicles. If you have worn cotton and gotten it wet when skiing or simply in a cold winter, you already understand that remaining wet is very unpleasant. Stay dry and warm in the best of base layers with Arc’teryx’s Phasic layers. It makes a BIG difference.

Come check us out at the store or here online at Good Sports outfitters and connect via Facebook and Twitter.


Good Sports. Your adventure starts here…

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CEP-Compression-logo hpssCEP-Compression-logo

CEP is a compression sock brand built from a medical company, Medi, with a purpose driven to give athletes an effective edge. CEP Compression socks give athletes more energy, faster recovery times, along with joint and muscle stabilization.  Coming from a medical based company, they obviously have better knowledge of how the body’s blood flows and how to use that to an athlete’s advantage. CEP Compression has transferred  their knowledge into a garment that actually helps you with recovery time and gain more energy.


The science behind CEP compression socks is simple. When the sock applies pressure to your foot/leg, it prevents blood from pooling in your lower legs. The socks utilize graduated pressure. Graduated pressure in their socks are tighter in the ankle and slightly looser in the calf, so the pressure lessens as it gets closer to the heart. The increased blood flow that the sock creates helps to reduce muscle swelling, remove lactic acid, and reduce muscle fatigue. These sock are also very dependent on sizing. When Purchasing any compression garment you need to be properly sized. You can size yourself at home, if you wish, with a measuring tape. Do so according to this chart below. The right size for you is dependent on the widest part of your calf.


In addition to increasing blood flow, the socks are a proprioceptive sock. 99% of the running world doesn’t know what proprioception means and likely hasn’t even heard of the word before. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You haven’t heard of the word before either. I definitely didn’t.  In a product clinic that Good Sports had, CEP educated us on what this term means and how CEP socks help increase awareness of this “missing” sense. We all have five senses as you should know already, but there is the other less known “missing” sense. Proprioception is defined by on-line dictionary as “the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself.”  Basically this means that we understand our spatial orientation from the muscles, joints, and specifically ear drums from inside our body. CEP compression socks will increase proprioceptive awareness.

Long story short, they help you balance yourself with compression.

Compression socks will also help with your recovery time. So you just ran an ultra marathon. Finished after a 100 mile race of your life. Wear some compression to relieve you very achy body. They will reduce recovery time. And honestly, if you had a rough day on the slopes or an intense game of kickball at Olmos Basin last night, it would behoove you to wear some CEP Compression socks. When you wear a compression sock, your recovery time will be significantly reduced. Compressing the blood from lower extremities upwards will significantly increase your recovery time. You can also use a Compression sock during recovery but WHILE IN THE RECOVERY STAGE DO NOT USE THE CALF OR ARM SLEEVES. They will compress and not let blood to your extremities correctly. The full sock will. The sleeve won’t. For recovery specifically: Sock good. Sleeve bad.

Thank you for your trust in Good Sports Outfitters. We truly appreciate your loyal business over the past thirty years.

Good Sports Outfitters your adventures begin here….

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Kühl has been around for three decades as of this year. Before  Kühl was Kühl, they were Alfwear. Alfwear first known for the Alf Hat (seen below), which Good Sports actually used to carry, was founded by Alf Engfeld . If you are a veteran of the Outdoor Industry, you will recognize this hat.


The Alf hat was a Peruvian designed hat that became very popular in mountain culture in the Mid-80’s.  The Alf hat was the bedrock which founded Kühl. “Born in the mountains” is Kühl’s mantra and all of their line is built around that motto. Kühl began with three mountaineers and one climber. They went separate directions after the tragic loss of Alf Engwall, but the remaining three kept living the brand’s motto by bringing our mountain culture quality practical products. Kühl is now best known for their pants. The pant is built on a last instead of being cut on a flat 2D surface. There are pleats in the knees that give you an amazing range of motion and comfortable fit. Because they fit so well with an amazing range of motion, you can even use them for climbing.


Along with a great range of motion, the construction of Kühl fabrics make each pant perfect for a variety of conditions. Here are my favorites from Kühl.

The Liberator Pant


I personally use the convertible Liberator pants as my fly fishing pants and daily work pants. They dry very quickly with 77% nylon and 23% cotton. I love the feel of these pants when walking around. The Texas August heat has dictated which fabrics I will be avoiding for the day. It will not rid me of my Liberator pant! Maaaybe just the removable pant legs, but definitely not the entire pant! The fabric on the Liberator is the lightest and most breathable. As a south Texan this is my favorite pant for practical reasons. Plus! I love being able to change from pants to shorts. I ride my bike to work frequently and it might be chilly in the morning and quite hot for the afternoon. The Liberator is a lightweight pant ideal for backpacking, packing light, and remaining versatile for temperatures’  highs and lows. Lastly, most convertible pants are loudly yelling, “LOOK HERE! I AM A CONVERTIBLE PANT! I’M OUTDOORSEY!” The Liberator is a stealthy convertible pant that remains humble and practical.

The Rydr Pant


The Ryder pant is the more comfortable version of a thick fabric “Carhartt or Dickies type” work pant. The dense khaki fabric can be your daily work pant that won’t give you plumber’s butt. The fit that Kühl keeps in all their pant’s will help you with this problem which only others have the pleasure of seeing. Keep their eyes safe. Please. somethings in life you cannot un-see.  The Kühl Rydr pant has pleats in the knees, and a slightly higher waist like most Kühl pants, but even more importantly the fabric is 98% cotton and 2% spandex. So when you squat to get underneath your sink, car, or even to tee up at the golf course you won’t be lighting up places where the public sun shouldn’t shine.

The Outkast Pant


The Outkast pant is a casual pant that will fit well into you closet with everything else mountain man that you wear. It is designed for a mountain man thigh with enough room for your athletic legs remain comfortable and not constricted when you’re living your active life. This pant is a 101 intro to Kühl designed pants. This will be your first Kühl love.

The Vala Pant


The Women’s Vala pant is similar in fabric to the men’s Liberator but even softer to the touch. It is a Tufflex™4-way stretch DWR (Durable Water Resistant) fabric that beads water up like it does with Rain-X in order to keep you dry and comfortable. The Tufflex™ fabric is also wrinkle resistant. So if you’re always throwing things in the dryer to keep the wrinkles out, try the Vala pant to save yourself some extra effort.

The Wunderer Shirt


The Wunderer shirt is very popular for Good Sports. It flies off of the rack because it is such a comfortable shirt. It is 100% nylon and quickly grabs moisture from the body to the shirt to your surrounding atmosphere. The first thing I noticed when tried this shirt on was well placed pockets. I am a novice photographer and having extra pocket to keep Wireless remotes, lens filters and lens cloths is essential. I’m sure you can find use for the pockets as a non-photographer. This shirt is also available in a women’s fit right here. I like the white better than the carbon, personally.

Overall, Kühl is certainly a very “Kühl” brand literally and figuratively. We are more than happy to answer your questions and fit you properly into the right apparel and footwear for your next adventure.

Good Sports Where your adventure begins…

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So! Tax free weekend is coming the 9th-11th of August. As you already know this means avoid every mall at all costs. Targets and Wal-Marts are certainly going to be the busiest. Plan your trips to the store accordingly. Unless of course you enjoy standing in lines and generally speaking dense of humanity. Retailers in the state of Texas are anticipating a Back-to-school slam dunk. Tax free isn’t an all inclusive tax free everything though.

The tax free items that you can buy are within these requirements. A very detailed explanation here. Below is the low-down.

  • Clothing and footwear under $100
  • School supplies under $100
  • Backpacks under $100 for elementary and secondary students
  • Includes layaway items

Here at Good Sports we are expecting some more traffic, but it is dubious that downtown Tokyo sized crowds will make their way here. I would think of the weekend as more like “end of summer” weekend, because the specifications are not limited to only back-to-school items. I took a look around the store to locate some back-to-school specific items that you would like to grab for the kids on their first day back-to-school. I have also made a list of items that will be tax-free. This list is not comprehensive. Just here to help you see what’s on sale. (Mind you, this is only for in-store purchases. Sadly online online purchases are not allowed to be tax-free)

The Patagonia Violeta Backpack

violeta Pata pack

The North Face Recon


The North Face Sprout

tnf sprout back pack

The North Face Mini Free Fall

tnf mini free fall

Kühl Pants and Shirts

kuhl-pants-wide-view-2 Kuhl shirt

Altra Instinct 1.5

Altra insticnt

Prana Embroidered belt

pranan belt

ExOfficcio   Insect Shield Shirt

Exofficio Shirt

All of these item above are with in your tax-free range. I hope that you have a crowd free weekend if you choose to participate in the tax-free weekend, and if you do make sure to come check out what we have. Good Sports always aims to carry items, styles and choices that are not on your run-of-the-mill. If you want something different, come to Good Sports to start your search. We love helping you find the right fit for your next adventure (or school year…. which might be an adventure).

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