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1. SalomonXR Mission

This is Cassie’s choice shoe. A very comfortable shoe that can lead you to explore the urban jungle and without hesitation will lead you off the beaten path to the top of your next mountain.


2. ExOfficcioGive ‘n’ Go Underwear

The low-down on Exofficio is that you can actually go “6 weeks with only one pair of underwear. Okay maybe two.” You may feel disgusted by this initially and that is normal. How can I make my 2 month trip in europe with only two pair of underwear? This is how it works. When you take your shower at the end of the day, bring your underwear in there with you. Wring them with some soap as you are cleansing yourself. Rinse and let them dry over night. They will dry very quickly too by the way. If you keep this rotation going, you will only need two pair of underwear. Save space!


3. Arc’teryxPhase AR Zip Neck

Th Phase AR Zip Neck is a three season base-layer. You can use this lay for ski season or for your morning jogs in fall. A cool day in spring when you need a  good layer to keep you warm in the morning and cool when the sun comes out. The Phase AR will move moisture off of your skin onto the garment and into the atmosphere. It is a midweight layer.




4. Sea-to-SummitCool Max Adaptor Liner w/ Insect Shield

The cool thing about this liner is that you can use it as a sleeping bag. In Texas, any sleeping bag rated for 40 degrees is going to be a furnace for three seasons out of the year. If you have ever lived in Texas, you know we really only have two seasons. Ten months of summer and two months of fall, winter, and spring crammed into two months.  This liner will be the most practical thing to use for camping in Texas because of temperatures. Plus, it has permethrin woven into the fabrics deterring bugs away from your space.


5. PatagoniaTres Parka

The Tres Parka is a 3-in-1 coat. The inner liner can be unzipped from the jacket. When you need to shed a layer, unzip it and leave it at home. You can still wear each piece separately for different climates. With a down coat on the inside this will definitely keep you toasty. A waterproof outer liner will keep the climate out. Cassie likes this coat because it is fashionable and functional. You have three ways to wear this coat. It can go with a dress or cover up your casual easy shirt and jeans. Not to mention it is a true down coat which is very comfortable.


6. Aetrex Insoles2405

This is the type of thing that you need to come in to get properly fit. Cassie got custom fit for these particular insoles and wears them nearly everyday. Once you get your foot scanned we can accurately place you in the correct insole.


7. MSRReactor Stove

If you are outdoors backpacking, or even cooking  while car camping, this is the most efficient cooker you can get. It traps the heat in the side vents and can boil a liter of water in less than 2:00 minutes with a 12 MPH wind. There is no other outdoor cooker that can do the same.


8. SorelTofino Boot

Once again fashion meets function. Can’t beat a very cute boot, especially when it keeps you fashionably warm after a full day of fresh lines.


9. Moving ComfortFiona Bra

4 out of 5 women are not properly fitted for a sports bra. That means you are probably not getting the support you ned! Support your girls and get professionally fitted!


10. Black Diamond EquipmentApollo Lantern

Lighting up your tent hasn’t been more compact-able, easy to use, and puposeful. The telescoping top, can collapse down and save space. When retracted it creates a great deal of light in a 4 foot diameter. Putting out 80 lumens you can reduce that to 20 lumens. The hooks also hang from the top if you want to hang it from the top of your tent.




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Arc’teryx is hands down the go-to for the highest quality technical gear. If you are buying something Arc’teryx, you are buying the forefront in heavily tested, thought out and practical purposeful apparel. Arc’teryx wins first place in high quality technical garments in my book. No doubt.


Phase AR fabrics are not worth the $75.00! Why would I pay so much for a base layer?

When you are looking for a base-layer that can deal with cold temperatures and warm weather conditions at the same time, this is the perfect base-layer. It will be a multi-season  layer that can be used more frequently than on ski trips. It will be cooling you there on a summer hike, but keeping you warm on a winter pow day. That’s why.

The Phase AR fabric is also woven with hydrophobic yarns.  Arc’teryx has taken moisture wicking yarns, similar to under armor fabric, and combined it with these hydrophobic yarns. The Arc’teryx Phase AR fabric will not allow water to hold. It wicks moisture off of your skin faster than a ninja swipe at night. This means that in warm weather when you are working your body at high levels, it maintains temperature absurdly well by moving moisture off your skin and onto the garment. The act of moving moisture cools. You stay cool. That is simple science.

Seen in the red fibers below is a representation of hydrophobic fibers. The grey tubes are the synthetic moisture wicking fabrics. This .gif file represents the process of how moisture is releasing from the garment. Starting from the active stage, secondly to the dispersion stage, and lastly with the evaporation stage. phasic-technology

Having hydrophobic fibers dramatically increases the dispersion rate of moisture. As seen in the picture below, you can visualize water dispersing over the fabric much faster than other brand’s fabrics. This creates higher surface area for the moisture to be wicked away much more rapidly.


At the same time, removing moisture keeps you warm because that moisture isn’t getting rapidly colder in a cold climate. So when you’re in cold climates this layer will keep you dry and warm. The moisture will not  build up and turn sweat into frozen icicles. If you have worn cotton and gotten it wet when skiing or simply in a cold winter, you already understand that remaining wet is very unpleasant. Stay dry and warm in the best of base layers with Arc’teryx’s Phasic layers. It makes a BIG difference.

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