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At Good Sports Outfitters we are widely known for professional shoe fittings. Little did you know that we also do professional bra fittings. Typically when you have a running injury, the first problem is a misfit in the wrong shoes. The same principle applies to sports bras. While you probably do not have a sports bra injury, you probably have discomfort caused by an incorrectly fitted bra because you have settled for a sub-par sports bra. The truth is that 8 out of 10 women are not properly fit for the correct sized sports bra. That means you are likely one of them! I’m sure you have at least one sports bra in your drawer that you have settled with. Moving comfort works everyday to reduce that statistic. When you are properly fitted for the correct bra, things will begin to look up.

You want a bra that will not let your girls down. Plus, with all the movement you do in a run you are constantly jostling the girls. The leader in sports bras is Moving Comfort. They have taken simple principles and applied them into their work. Their motif is to make women empowered with support.



1. A good sports bra prevents sagging by protecting the ligaments that support breast tissue.

2. A good sports bra will reduce movement in half

3. A good sports bra will fit correctly.

If you are going to get a Moving Comfort bra, make sure to get it fit properly by coming into the store. One of our bra specialists will measure your bust and fit you into the correct bra given your needs. If you cannot make it into the store then you should check out movin comfort’s Sports Bra Fitting Room and get some advice from the professionals.

Three bra’s you need to try on.

1. The Fiona


2. Juno


3. Cali


Jenna Pugh told a candid personal story about finding her first moving comfort bra. Once she tried out their line of sports bras she was sold. I would recommend checking out her personal account here. I recommend reading her blog mostly because as a guy, I can’t tell you on a personal level how important sports bras are. But! I do understand the practical side of needing support.

Of course as you know now, getting fit is the most important aspect of finding the correct sports bra. If there is only one thing that you take away from this short read make sure that it is getting fit correctly. Whether you get fit here at Good Sports Outfitters or online with the Moving Comfort Fitting Room, get fit properly!


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CEP-Compression-logo hpssCEP-Compression-logo

CEP is a compression sock brand built from a medical company, Medi, with a purpose driven to give athletes an effective edge. CEP Compression socks give athletes more energy, faster recovery times, along with joint and muscle stabilization.  Coming from a medical based company, they obviously have better knowledge of how the body’s blood flows and how to use that to an athlete’s advantage. CEP Compression has transferred  their knowledge into a garment that actually helps you with recovery time and gain more energy.


The science behind CEP compression socks is simple. When the sock applies pressure to your foot/leg, it prevents blood from pooling in your lower legs. The socks utilize graduated pressure. Graduated pressure in their socks are tighter in the ankle and slightly looser in the calf, so the pressure lessens as it gets closer to the heart. The increased blood flow that the sock creates helps to reduce muscle swelling, remove lactic acid, and reduce muscle fatigue. These sock are also very dependent on sizing. When Purchasing any compression garment you need to be properly sized. You can size yourself at home, if you wish, with a measuring tape. Do so according to this chart below. The right size for you is dependent on the widest part of your calf.


In addition to increasing blood flow, the socks are a proprioceptive sock. 99% of the running world doesn’t know what proprioception means and likely hasn’t even heard of the word before. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You haven’t heard of the word before either. I definitely didn’t.  In a product clinic that Good Sports had, CEP educated us on what this term means and how CEP socks help increase awareness of this “missing” sense. We all have five senses as you should know already, but there is the other less known “missing” sense. Proprioception is defined by on-line dictionary as “the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself.”  Basically this means that we understand our spatial orientation from the muscles, joints, and specifically ear drums from inside our body. CEP compression socks will increase proprioceptive awareness.

Long story short, they help you balance yourself with compression.

Compression socks will also help with your recovery time. So you just ran an ultra marathon. Finished after a 100 mile race of your life. Wear some compression to relieve you very achy body. They will reduce recovery time. And honestly, if you had a rough day on the slopes or an intense game of kickball at Olmos Basin last night, it would behoove you to wear some CEP Compression socks. When you wear a compression sock, your recovery time will be significantly reduced. Compressing the blood from lower extremities upwards will significantly increase your recovery time. You can also use a Compression sock during recovery but WHILE IN THE RECOVERY STAGE DO NOT USE THE CALF OR ARM SLEEVES. They will compress and not let blood to your extremities correctly. The full sock will. The sleeve won’t. For recovery specifically: Sock good. Sleeve bad.

Thank you for your trust in Good Sports Outfitters. We truly appreciate your loyal business over the past thirty years.

Good Sports Outfitters your adventures begin here….

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As a runner I used to have the problem of carrying things like energy gel, phone, MP3 player, water, keys, credit card, etc…
I started using products from the brands Amphipod and Nathan for all my carry solutions. The key concerns for me were weight and bounce (or lack there of). Both Nathan and Amphipod focus on these concerns and minimize where they can.
Between the two brands, distance runners can carry what they need, no more no less. The modularity of both brands fuel belts is also a key benefit and what really sold me on the products.

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