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Finding the correct running shoe is more than how pretty the colors are. That is actually the very last thing that should matter.  When you are ready to get properly fitted for a running shoe, come to Good Sports. We will take care of you. There are a few things that you need to be aware of when choosing the correct running shoe.

1.Map your foot

Here at Good Sports Outfitters we have an Aetrex foot scanner that will read the pressure points of your foot. From there we can tell you the shape of your foot. How high your arches are, how wide your foot is, exact heel-to-toe length, etc.  Once we know the shape of your foot, we can more accurately place you into the right shoe.


2. Get the correct type of shoe

Everyone’s foot is different. This also implies that everyone’s foot strike is different as well. The motion in which your ankle rolls with every step is a fingerprint that is unique to you. There are three types of shoes that will correctly align your entire body. If you would like a detailed explanation of how pronation works, this video below explains it very well.

Pronated Supinated diagramoffeet

3. Find the right fit.

All different brands of shoes have different fits of shoes. They have rectangular, triangular, narrow, wide, high arches, medium arches, low arches. If you have higher arches, Brooks shoes are a good option to begin with. If you have medium to low arches we would start you off trying on some Asics. If you foot is a more rectangular shape we would start you out in a Saucony shoe. Each brand has its own personality. The point is to find a shoe that matches your foot shape, your foot’s personality.

4. Get the right size.

While this may seem like an overly obvious statement, we know from experience that too people are wearing the same sized dress shoe as their athletic shoe. Athletic shoes run smaller than dress shoes. You should not be wearing the same sized running shoe as you do when wearing a tuxedo shoe. You need to make up for the size discrepancy by going a half or full size larger than your dress shoe size (Typically).

The only way to truly know is to put the shoe on in the store. Of course! The best way to do this is to come into the store and we will properly fit YOU for the correct running shoe!


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Hoka One One is a game changing shoe. Once you try a Hoka on, you know. It is the comfiest shoe you have ever worn. Hoka is known for it’s hideous looks and insanely comfortable ride. There is no better one directional running shoe than Hoka. If you are doing lateral agility workouts, this is not the right shoe for you. But if you are running for any distance over 5 miles, this is the perfect shoe to at least give a test run.


Now, with the Kailua Tarmac, you have a fashionably 30% less obtrusive shoe that still rides like a cloud of tempur-pedic marshmallows. Most of Hoka’s styles are giant hideous “running” shoes that you should only run at night with in order to remain low on the radar. In my opinion, who cares what you look like as long as your feet are happy. Your first impression will be leaning reluctantly in believing you can run a long distance with this seemingly clunky shoe. Truth is that it is very light weight and very springy. Tarmac shoes from Hoka are specifically a road running shoe. Tarmac means street version in all of Hoka’s line. This means only that the rubber sole is designed to grip better on the concrete/asphalt. (Their trail shoe is obviously a trail shoe, coined Stinson TRAIL. Pretty tricky)


The Kailua Rides from 25mm of EVA foam in the heel down to  20mm in the forefoot. It remains very comfy for your run. You can check out Rachel’s honest opinion of the Hoka Kailua here on her New Age Athlete blog for a more in depth personal account.


If you are dominantly a trail runner try the  W’s Stinson Evo  before your next run. It has some slightly different specs than the Kailua. Being a trail runner, they have intentionally added  more cushion to absorb the rough terrain without getting close to hitting your feet. So 32mm of cushion in the heel to 26.5mm in the forefoot, thus a 5.5 mm drop.


We currently have a full size run in the store so come get ’em before they are out of stock. Currently they are the fastest selling shoes we carry, so don’t hesitate to come to Good Sports Outfitters and give them a test run.

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So! Tax free weekend is coming the 9th-11th of August. As you already know this means avoid every mall at all costs. Targets and Wal-Marts are certainly going to be the busiest. Plan your trips to the store accordingly. Unless of course you enjoy standing in lines and generally speaking dense of humanity. Retailers in the state of Texas are anticipating a Back-to-school slam dunk. Tax free isn’t an all inclusive tax free everything though.

The tax free items that you can buy are within these requirements. A very detailed explanation here. Below is the low-down.

  • Clothing and footwear under $100
  • School supplies under $100
  • Backpacks under $100 for elementary and secondary students
  • Includes layaway items

Here at Good Sports we are expecting some more traffic, but it is dubious that downtown Tokyo sized crowds will make their way here. I would think of the weekend as more like “end of summer” weekend, because the specifications are not limited to only back-to-school items. I took a look around the store to locate some back-to-school specific items that you would like to grab for the kids on their first day back-to-school. I have also made a list of items that will be tax-free. This list is not comprehensive. Just here to help you see what’s on sale. (Mind you, this is only for in-store purchases. Sadly online online purchases are not allowed to be tax-free)

The Patagonia Violeta Backpack

violeta Pata pack

The North Face Recon


The North Face Sprout

tnf sprout back pack

The North Face Mini Free Fall

tnf mini free fall

Kühl Pants and Shirts

kuhl-pants-wide-view-2 Kuhl shirt

Altra Instinct 1.5

Altra insticnt

Prana Embroidered belt

pranan belt

ExOfficcio   Insect Shield Shirt

Exofficio Shirt

All of these item above are with in your tax-free range. I hope that you have a crowd free weekend if you choose to participate in the tax-free weekend, and if you do make sure to come check out what we have. Good Sports always aims to carry items, styles and choices that are not on your run-of-the-mill. If you want something different, come to Good Sports to start your search. We love helping you find the right fit for your next adventure (or school year…. which might be an adventure).

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Say “Sayonara” to the new shoe by Mizuno! Wait! No. What? Say goodbye to a new shoe?


No, really what you are saying is goodbye to the Wave Elixir line and saying hello the the runner/trainer Wave Sayonara line coming this week at Goodsports!

Sayonara is Mizuno’s effort to bring you closer to Mezamashii Running. Finding your “Zen” in running, the high that we all strive for in our runs. Saying goodbye to all troubles we have in our daily world, and going for a run to simply get away and push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. We all have a friend that we need to vent to, or a hobby to keep our sanity, diverting all our stress in a positive direction. For those of us that channel our stress into a work out, come get fit into the newest from Mizuno and give Sayonara a test drive to see how well this trainer/Runner will locate your happy place, whether it be at the Gym or on the trail.


The Low-Down

  • The Sayonara is an overall 30% lighter EVA foam coined U4ia (pronounced Euphoria) that will give you a “next to nothing” feel.
  • 8.1 ounces (men’s Size 9) and 7.1 Ounces (Womens Size 8)
  • 10mm Heel-to-Toe drop that encourages your toe-off with umcompromised support.
  • A nearly seamless upper that will hug your foot.

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The Helios Trail shoe by La Sportiva contends as one of the best pure trail shoes for your outdoor running adventures. This trail shoe is constructed for the serious trail runner. If trails run through your veins, you need to seriously consider test driving the Helios by La Sportiva.

The Helios is a low profile dynamic trail shoe that will get you from the trail head to the top of your next adventure. The sole is constructed with a dynamic wave pattern allowing for ultimate traction in which it responds best in loose gravel and sticky muddy conditions. It’s light weight coming in a 8.5 ounces (Men’s size 9). This shoe also falls into a minimal shoe because of its Heel-to-toe drop of only 4mm.

Check out Good Sports Outfitters and test drive your new favorite trail shoes!

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The new iteration of the Asics Nimbus 15 has landed for both men and women here at Good Sports. We have a couple of colors for both and are already starting to see them fly off the shelf. Stop by the store or visit us Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters to get a pair while they last!

There are a few updates to the shoe that fine tune the fit and feel. The midsole is now a system that Asics is calling FluidRide, this is made up of a top layer of very plush EVA foam, a bottom later of EVA foam in a higher density, with super soft gel sandwiched in between. This multi layer cushioning system improves the ride for an even better ride on the road. The upper has panels of stretch mesh that allow it to form to the foot instead of having points that pinch or are loose.

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Stinson Tarmac Stinson Evo

The Brand

As the minimal shoe has evolved over the past few years, we’re starting to see new development in areas other than the extreme minimal world that Vibram Five Fingers live in.  Hoka One One is a company that took cushioning to a whole new level while still offering a minimal difference between the thickness in the heel and in the toe.  This means that you still have a natural gait being promoted in shoes that have a 32mm cushion under the heel.

Because of the thickness in the midsole, Hoka can use a softer EVA than what most companies use for a softer ride.  With the amount of cushioning under foot you also can go over just about any terrain and not deal with the usual fear of rock bruising or foot strain.  Hoka One One shoes have found that they are able to reduce the striking force with each stride which in turn reduced the chances for injury and recovery time.

The Shoes

What you see above are two different shoes, first is the Stinson Tarmac.  This is a road shoe with 32mm of cushion under the heel and 26mm of cushion under the metatarsal.  This leaves only a 6mm drop that is significantly lower than that of most traditional running shoes.  When you try the shoe on you can immediately feel the amount of cushioning with each step.  The laces are in a kind of speed lace design that allow you to secure the excess under an elastic band.  This makes taking the shoes on and off a ‘cinch’.

Next up is the Stinson Evo.  This is built on the Stinson platform, which means the same midsole, with a more trail oriented outsole and upper.  The outsole features direction spacific lugs that allow for traction across various terrain.  With the amount of cushion under the foot, you don’t have a rock plate in the shoe, but with 26mm to absorb each hit, a rock plate is pretty much a moot point.

We’ve got both of the Stinson models in the store and ready for you to come try on!  We’d love for you to stop by and try them on!


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