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1. GoPro Hero 3 Black


Michael has been wanting this camera because he can do all of his climbing and biking and YouTube them for the world to see. Instead of telling the sick lines he climbed yesterday, he can show them! GoPro just updated their Studio 2.0 program too! you can add the cool GoPro branding intro with the sound effects to all of your videos. Check it out here.

2. La Sportiva Mythos


It’s the best fitting climbing shoes in my (and Michael’s too) opinion. It has an old-school lacing system that has been around for 30+ years thus making it actually old school. La Sportiva must be doing something right. Right? Vibram Rubber always adds value to a product. He has had his for to years and they are still kicking, or should he say… climbing.

3. Eagle Nest Outfitter’s Hammock Rasta


Packable. Portable. Relaxation. The personalization of colors and accessories and bug shields. Just gotta have one. I mean who doesn’t like hammocks.If you get one, get the Atlas Straps too. You will be glad you did.

4. Altra Intuition 1.5 Orange


Michael wears these everyday. I think that says enough, right?

5. Arc’Teryx Muira 35


As a climber, Michael sees the practicality of this bag. Can’t blame him for choosing an Arc’teryx well… anything. Can’t ever go wrong with Arc’teryx. The bag opens up very nicely to have everything lain out in plain sight. AND! Wraps up very nicely too.

6.Suunto Ambit 2 Black/silver


This is the sickest watch that Suunto carries. Who wouldn’t want this watch? The Ambit2 has upgrade-ability. You can buy a heart rate monitor separately that will allow you to monitor your heart rate zones. Along with the basic standards that come with from Suunto watches, you will have built in GPS in the watch.

7. Black Diamond Icon Headlamp


Multiple settings allow for dim lighting and even red lights for the situations that you want to remain low-profile. The Icon flashes out 200 lumens to keep your spelunking lit up.

8. Patagonia Classic Retro-X Sweater


The woolie mammoth sweater! Someone could mistake you as a yeti snow monster of some sorts but you will look good doing it! The retro patterns are coming back as Patagonia is pushing old school patterns across this season’s line of apparel.

9. Metolius Simulator 3D board


A place to Practice at home. This is a trainer board that you can work finger strength with a range of shallow and deep pockets. Work on crimp and open hand strengthening. It comes with a manual to demonstrate how to work out on the board. Here‘s an example of how you can workout on the board if you want to see how good of a tool this can be for your climbing. The board is a simple at home tool to use to, when your bored (or should I say board. HA!), start getting as strong as this guy, Jan Hojer. I dare you.

10. Black Diamond Crag Hoody

thumb-black diamond crag hoody onyx

It is a slim fitting rock culture inspired jacket.


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This Top Ten List of mine is half wish list, half currently owned but 100 percent awesome-ness. Out of all the cool stuff we have in our store at Good Sports Outfitters, I have managed to narrow it down to only ten items. That is a feat.

 Ben’s Top Ten List.

1. Helinox Big Agnes Chair

This collapsible chair is a very lightweight, and very easy to set up. It is a bucket seat camping chair that will sink you into “comfort zone”. I have a blog that I wrote about this chair already so I will not bore you. If you want more on the Helinox, go here.  I simply love this chair.


2. Arc’teryx Alpha SV Jacket

Not only does it look good, the Alpha SV Jacket is THE highest in performance gear. It is like buying a Yeti. A large cost upfront, but a product that will outlast the competition and out perform.


3. Nixon Big Player Black

First Impressions: This watch isn’t my style. I don’t really like watches that don’t have exact times on them. They are too modern. They are too artsy. They just aren’t practical. Once I put this watch on my wrist, all of those first impressions went through the window, to the wall and I can’t stop thinking about this watch. All of Nixon’s watches are landing more in time pieces and less watch functional practicality. These watches are the pieces you wear to look good in and it is easy to do so in the Big Player.


4. Eagle Nest Outfitters Hammocks Sunshine

I have two ENO Hammocks. One in the car for… well, who knows what, and the second in the backyard for everyday usage. I typically use it most when I take the dogs outside. They run and bring me the stick/ball/toys as I lay relaxing occasionally throwing for their entertainment.  There is absolutely no reason for me to have another Hammock other that the fact that I don’t have the Sunshine color. It’s my favorite new color that we have gotten in the store. Couldn’t hurt to have another one of my favorite things right?


5. La Sportiva Helios

The Helios is my current trail shoe. I have read and received plenty of great reviews form Ultra marathoners and other hardcore runners that come through the store about how the Helios is their favorite trail running shoe. I am a pretty low mileage runner (10- 20 miles per week). All I know is that I have found a trail shoe that is very responsive to the loose gravel and rocks here in south/central Texas hills. My low mileage may not have as much pull as an ultra runner, but I do know I am very happy with this shoe and would recommend it to any of my friends.


6. Burton Beercuda

So I play disc golf. It is somewhat mandatory to bring a beverage to play. Really that goes for any golfing sport. The Beercuda is a bandolier cooler for beers/sodas/sparkling water/whateverbeverageyouwishtokeepcold. Some of the staff already has the beercuda and they use them for the slopes in winter. I am taking their advice and stocking up on one or two. Only 20 bucks too!


7. Black Diamond Magnetron

So I’m honestly also not an avid climber. I DO boulder and climb when I get the chance but it isn’t exactly my THING. I simply enjoy it, I’m not all geared out with harnesses and rope bags. What I do like is the high quality outdoor equipment Black Diamond creates.  Their latest little toy is a carabiner with magnets to create easy one handed use of a two-point locking carabiner.  A video that will demonstrate the awesome-ness is here.


8. Swany Legend Mitt

I didn’t know how awesome this glove is until recently. I was just opening pockets looking through the gloves we have and then realized the hand-warmer pocket is actually meant for your hand to slip through.. Woah. Wait. Now I can get access to the little things while still wearing my large cozy mittens. Sweet! I am also a mitten snowboarder. You won’t catch me wearing gloves. I just don’t think they are warm (plus they are more snowboarder that regular gloves).


9. GoPro Hero 3 Black

I have previously had the Hero 2 (until the mountain ate it. Pro Tip: Don’t trust sticky mounts in very cold weather) and I currently have the Hero 3. The biggest upgrade from the Hero 2 to the Hero 3 is Wi-fi capabilities. I use this camera as a part of documenting all the fun I have, where ever that may be. In the mountains, the beach, the lake, playin’ with the dogs. Anywhere. I take this camera with me and I don’t have to worry about most issues that come along with a regular point-and-shoot. The waterproof housing allows me to be carefree in any situation. I don’t have to show people the fun things I do, I simply show them.


10. Benchmade AFO 9051BLK

This Knife is sick. Simply said. I use my pocket knife as a tool everyday and this Benchmade is the highest quality of American made knives. Easy one handed operation. The AFO II is an sweet knife. I have always been a serrated blade kind of person, but I am beginning to lean towards straight blade because it is much easier to sharpen it yourself.  Benchmade has always been on my wish list and hopefully Santa will make his way form the Benchmade factory and grab one for me this year. The AFO II is my favorite from Benchmade because well designed mechanics. They stand behind their product. You can send it in any time and they will restore it to factory sharp, as long as you pay the shipping. I respect a company that is publicly proud and prideful of their work.


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Polar RC3

Polar fans, we have an awesome new toy for you!  Introducing the RC3, Polar’s new integrated GPS watch.  For those of you who are familiar with Polar, you no longer have to have the bulkier external G1 pod or even the slimmer but still detached G5. With this new integrated watch you no longer have to wear an arm band or an extra pocket to store your GPS while on the run.  The RC3 does still feature the chest band for it’s heart rate monitor.  Polar still finds the chest band as the most accurate way to keep track of your heart rate.  This, like many of the other fitness watches in the line will work with PolarPersonalTrainer.com so you can keep track of your workouts in the long term instead of just going through files on the watch itself.  For those of you looking to keep track of your workouts with the addition of speed and distance, the Polar RC3 is a great place to look!

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The Suunto Ambit has finally landed here at Good Sports.  This has been a long anticipated addition to our Suunto line.  Take their already amazing Core where you have Altimeter, Barometer, Compass and Thermometer, throw in a GPS that allows you to do coordinates and way points. Yet this wasn’t really enough for Suunto, so then toss in the fitness training features for speed and distance with a heart rate monitor and you can begin to understand why this is the new must have outdoor enthusiast time piece. Suunto has located their GPS within the watch which means that you don’t have to worry about carrying an extra piece for your way points or speed and distance.  The USB rechargeable battery allows users to either charge at home or on the fly if you have a solar panel.  While we have them in stock now, they’re sure to go quick, so stop by and get yours in today.

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Alright folks, we’ve talked about Polar before, but this new piece demands attention.  The RCX5 now comes in a new color, a Lancesque take on the previously black or red watch.  The RCX5 is an awesome training aid, offering a very slim profile for the feature packed piece of equipment that it is.  It will allow you to track your heart rate, calculating how many calories you’re using up. Another heart rate based feature is Polar’s Zone Optimizer.  This helps you take your workouts at the right intensity based on your goals, endurance, weight loss, cardio exercise.  The GPS piece that comes with the watch gives you even more information on your workouts, tracking your speed, distance, and route that you took.  Unique for us, the Tour de France edition also adds in a cadence sensor for the cyclists out there.  This gives you more cycling specific information once attached to your bike.  We’ve got these great training aids in the store right now, so stop by so we can get yours set up today.

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Urban trekker alert, Suunto Core has you covered from the boardroom to the backwoods.

The benchmark of Suunto’s ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) wrist top computers. Suunto has put years of testing, research, user feedback from the field, and technological advancements from the lab into this timepiece. Plus, the Core is quite the eye-catcher, demonstrating stylish form & function.

The Suunto Core has 3 modes: Time, Altimeter/Barometer, and a handy-dandy compass. In addition to knowing what time it is, you’ll have information on your current altitude, barometric pressure, and exactly where you are with the help of the compass.

  • Time, dual time, a stopwatch, an alarm, and a countdown timer.
  • The altimeter measures your current altitude up to 30,000 ft, and tracks your vertical movement while you’re bombing a powder covered mountain, or ascending Kilimanjaro.
  • The depth meter feature is intended for your underwater snorkeling sessions. You can view your current depth, and maximum depth of the dive up to 10 meters, or 33 feet.
  • The barometer shows the sea level air pressure when there is no change in altitude, to help you from getting stuck out in a storm.
  • Suunto has developed an automatic profile that switches between the altimeter and barometer, depending on whether you are moving or you’re stationary.
  • Last but not least, the compass helps you navigate in the outdoors much easier than trying to read the position of the sun.

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