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At Good Sports Outfitters we are widely known for professional shoe fittings. Little did you know that we also do professional bra fittings. Typically when you have a running injury, the first problem is a misfit in the wrong shoes. The same principle applies to sports bras. While you probably do not have a sports bra injury, you probably have discomfort caused by an incorrectly fitted bra because you have settled for a sub-par sports bra. The truth is that 8 out of 10 women are not properly fit for the correct sized sports bra. That means you are likely one of them! I’m sure you have at least one sports bra in your drawer that you have settled with. Moving comfort works everyday to reduce that statistic. When you are properly fitted for the correct bra, things will begin to look up.

You want a bra that will not let your girls down. Plus, with all the movement you do in a run you are constantly jostling the girls. The leader in sports bras is Moving Comfort. They have taken simple principles and applied them into their work. Their motif is to make women empowered with support.



1. A good sports bra prevents sagging by protecting the ligaments that support breast tissue.

2. A good sports bra will reduce movement in half

3. A good sports bra will fit correctly.

If you are going to get a Moving Comfort bra, make sure to get it fit properly by coming into the store. One of our bra specialists will measure your bust and fit you into the correct bra given your needs. If you cannot make it into the store then you should check out movin comfort’s Sports Bra Fitting Room and get some advice from the professionals.

Three bra’s you need to try on.

1. The Fiona


2. Juno


3. Cali


Jenna Pugh told a candid personal story about finding her first moving comfort bra. Once she tried out their line of sports bras she was sold. I would recommend checking out her personal account here. I recommend reading her blog mostly because as a guy, I can’t tell you on a personal level how important sports bras are. But! I do understand the practical side of needing support.

Of course as you know now, getting fit is the most important aspect of finding the correct sports bra. If there is only one thing that you take away from this short read make sure that it is getting fit correctly. Whether you get fit here at Good Sports Outfitters or online with the Moving Comfort Fitting Room, get fit properly!


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Arc’teryx is hands down the go-to for the highest quality technical gear. If you are buying something Arc’teryx, you are buying the forefront in heavily tested, thought out and practical purposeful apparel. Arc’teryx wins first place in high quality technical garments in my book. No doubt.


Phase AR fabrics are not worth the $75.00! Why would I pay so much for a base layer?

When you are looking for a base-layer that can deal with cold temperatures and warm weather conditions at the same time, this is the perfect base-layer. It will be a multi-season  layer that can be used more frequently than on ski trips. It will be cooling you there on a summer hike, but keeping you warm on a winter pow day. That’s why.

The Phase AR fabric is also woven with hydrophobic yarns.  Arc’teryx has taken moisture wicking yarns, similar to under armor fabric, and combined it with these hydrophobic yarns. The Arc’teryx Phase AR fabric will not allow water to hold. It wicks moisture off of your skin faster than a ninja swipe at night. This means that in warm weather when you are working your body at high levels, it maintains temperature absurdly well by moving moisture off your skin and onto the garment. The act of moving moisture cools. You stay cool. That is simple science.

Seen in the red fibers below is a representation of hydrophobic fibers. The grey tubes are the synthetic moisture wicking fabrics. This .gif file represents the process of how moisture is releasing from the garment. Starting from the active stage, secondly to the dispersion stage, and lastly with the evaporation stage. phasic-technology

Having hydrophobic fibers dramatically increases the dispersion rate of moisture. As seen in the picture below, you can visualize water dispersing over the fabric much faster than other brand’s fabrics. This creates higher surface area for the moisture to be wicked away much more rapidly.


At the same time, removing moisture keeps you warm because that moisture isn’t getting rapidly colder in a cold climate. So when you’re in cold climates this layer will keep you dry and warm. The moisture will not  build up and turn sweat into frozen icicles. If you have worn cotton and gotten it wet when skiing or simply in a cold winter, you already understand that remaining wet is very unpleasant. Stay dry and warm in the best of base layers with Arc’teryx’s Phasic layers. It makes a BIG difference.

Come check us out at the store or here online at Good Sports outfitters and connect via Facebook and Twitter.


Good Sports. Your adventure starts here…

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Say “Sayonara” to the new shoe by Mizuno! Wait! No. What? Say goodbye to a new shoe?


No, really what you are saying is goodbye to the Wave Elixir line and saying hello the the runner/trainer Wave Sayonara line coming this week at Goodsports!

Sayonara is Mizuno’s effort to bring you closer to Mezamashii Running. Finding your “Zen” in running, the high that we all strive for in our runs. Saying goodbye to all troubles we have in our daily world, and going for a run to simply get away and push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. We all have a friend that we need to vent to, or a hobby to keep our sanity, diverting all our stress in a positive direction. For those of us that channel our stress into a work out, come get fit into the newest from Mizuno and give Sayonara a test drive to see how well this trainer/Runner will locate your happy place, whether it be at the Gym or on the trail.


The Low-Down

  • The Sayonara is an overall 30% lighter EVA foam coined U4ia (pronounced Euphoria) that will give you a “next to nothing” feel.
  • 8.1 ounces (men’s Size 9) and 7.1 Ounces (Womens Size 8)
  • 10mm Heel-to-Toe drop that encourages your toe-off with umcompromised support.
  • A nearly seamless upper that will hug your foot.

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“Yoga Toners” are the brand MPG’s version of the coveted Lululemon yoga wear; except that they are up to $30 less expensive. Here’s why you should try out these awesome tanks and tights:

This particular blend of spandex and nylon is specifically designed to strengthen your core and have a wonderful slimming effect by increasing tension in the fabric during the knitting process and warping these knit panels in strategic anatomical points; i.e. where you need it most.

Another little difference between your typical yoga pants and our Yoga Toner Sport Tights is the weight of the fabric. This yoga wear is slightly thicker than most (240 – 330 gsm or grams per square meter) therefore it will lift, hold and tighten while remaining comfortably stretchy. And the best thing? They’ll cover any “dimples” you may have.

Here are some other awesome features: four-way stretch to move with you in all those pretzel-y moves, moisture wicking and quick dry capabilities, internal mesh panels for strengthening support, built in bra support in tanks and shaped waistband in bottoms, tagless labels, and flatlock seam construction to prevent uncomfortable chaffing.

At Good Sports we carry the sleeveless tank and racerback tank, the long pant, sport tight, capri and knee tight. We carry sizes from XS to 2XL, so no matter what style you’re looking for, we can get you looking good for yoga and save some money for those classes!

While Yoga Toners are great for any rabbit pose you may want to get yourself into, lesser bendy beings can take advantage of the many qualities this yoga wear has to offer, too. From working out at the gym to running trails and running errands, they can make a great addition to your wardrobe.

And the best reason to try MPG Yoga Toners?

“They make your butt look good!”

Stop by Good Sports to check out these wonderful compression tops and bottoms!

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