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Finding the correct running shoe is more than how pretty the colors are. That is actually the very last thing that should matter.  When you are ready to get properly fitted for a running shoe, come to Good Sports. We will take care of you. There are a few things that you need to be aware of when choosing the correct running shoe.

1.Map your foot

Here at Good Sports Outfitters we have an Aetrex foot scanner that will read the pressure points of your foot. From there we can tell you the shape of your foot. How high your arches are, how wide your foot is, exact heel-to-toe length, etc.  Once we know the shape of your foot, we can more accurately place you into the right shoe.


2. Get the correct type of shoe

Everyone’s foot is different. This also implies that everyone’s foot strike is different as well. The motion in which your ankle rolls with every step is a fingerprint that is unique to you. There are three types of shoes that will correctly align your entire body. If you would like a detailed explanation of how pronation works, this video below explains it very well.

Pronated Supinated diagramoffeet

3. Find the right fit.

All different brands of shoes have different fits of shoes. They have rectangular, triangular, narrow, wide, high arches, medium arches, low arches. If you have higher arches, Brooks shoes are a good option to begin with. If you have medium to low arches we would start you off trying on some Asics. If you foot is a more rectangular shape we would start you out in a Saucony shoe. Each brand has its own personality. The point is to find a shoe that matches your foot shape, your foot’s personality.

4. Get the right size.

While this may seem like an overly obvious statement, we know from experience that too people are wearing the same sized dress shoe as their athletic shoe. Athletic shoes run smaller than dress shoes. You should not be wearing the same sized running shoe as you do when wearing a tuxedo shoe. You need to make up for the size discrepancy by going a half or full size larger than your dress shoe size (Typically).

The only way to truly know is to put the shoe on in the store. Of course! The best way to do this is to come into the store and we will properly fit YOU for the correct running shoe!


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Brooks Cascadia 8

Alright Brooks fans, it’s time to update those old trail running shoes with the new Cascadia 8! This new update to the Cascadia line takes the cushioned trail runner you know and updates the upper for a more dialed in fit.
Brooks uses their BioMoGo with pockets of Brooks DNA in just the right places to maximize your cushion on the trail while giving you great traction over all types of terrain. Right now we have them stocked here at Good Sports! Stop by and try them on so you can hit your local trails with a whole new level of comfort!

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The new Brooks Pure Project shoes are finally being released and making an appearance here at Good Sports.  Starting with the updates for the Pure Cadence and the Pure Flow, and with the rest of the line updates as well as a new addition, the Pure Drift, to come early 2013.

As with any shoe update we can see some great cosmetic changes to the shoes, but it’s not just form changes with this update.  The Nav Band has been refitted to provide a better fit around the foot, but still wide enough not allow pressure points in any one spot.  One of the great feature updates is a connected tongue along the outside of the shoe, preventing it from finding the most uncomfortable place in the shoe and insistently staying there.

For those of you familiar with the Pure Project line, you still have the BioMoGo and Brooks DNA combination in the midsole that keeps it super lightweight while still nice and cushioned.  The updates that have been made are great and there are still more to look forward to with the release of the Pure Connect 2 and the new addition to the line, the Pure Drift!  Stop by Good Sports today and try a pair on!

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The next evolution of the award winning Ghost series by Brooks is now available.  There are some recognizable features for runners who have had the Ghost series in the past.  The new Ghost 5 will feature the caterpillar crash pad in the heel strike region to cushion the impact.  There is also still DNA, Brooks cushioning material that provides a more responsive base than a regular gel.  Weighing in at 10.7 oz., the Ghost maintains a nice balance between being light weight and well cushioned.  We have both the men’s and women’s style in.  If it’s time for a new pair of running shoes, stop by the store today!

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Brooks has come out with the next evolution of their Trance series, the Trance 11. This support shoe features a full length caterpillar crash pad that helps smooth the ride from heel to toe.  The trance has always been one of the more cushioned support shoes by brooks.  The 11 is no exception.  With full length Brooks DNA cushioning, the new shoe provides the maximum amount of comfort. The shoe was just released on with the start of the new year on January 1, so you’ll find us here at Good Sports to be stocked up on sizes. For the people looking for something new to try, or just those who find it’s time to replace their old Trances, stop by and see us!

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Alright folks, we’ve decided to put another Groupon out there for you. This time around we’re offering you a $40 of redeemable shoe Groupon-ness for the low low price of only $20.

This offer is good for both our main store as well as the outlet on Beckwith Blvd. All of our shoes are valid for this deal, including the one’s already on sale. This means everything from the brand new selection from UGG Australia that we have in all the way through Keen sandals and everything in between.

This Groupon goes on sale today and will only be available for a few days, so jump on the chance before it passes.  Now don’t worry if you can’t get into the store during those few days, the Groupon will be redeemable through Feb. 6.  This should give even the most astute of us procrastinators out there ample time to make good use of it.

























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Brooks has jumped on the wagon to minialmistville. However Brooks may be taking the cake on this new move. The Pure Project soon to launch this fall is surprising and inspiring. This method is allowing the runners to connect to their surroundings. Let’s get to know these mysterious wonders.

Good Sports will be carrying the Brooks PureFlow, PureConnect, PureCadence, and the PureGrit. These four shoes will be equipped with 5 unique innovations. 1st the Ideal Heel, this is Brooks signature inverted heel that promotes a natural foot strike by landing in the forefoot area which will essentially align the runner’s center of gravity. 2nd the Toe Flex, this splitting of the toe box will allow the big toe to function independently enhancing a powerful push-off and enhanced flexibility. 3rd a Nav Band, this band wraps over the instep providing an even amount of reinforcement and conforms to the individual foot shape and size. 4th BioMoGo DNA, here is the earthly friend we have all come to know and love throughout the Brooks line. This material is an adaptable cushioning system ensuring optimum comfort. 5th Anatomical Last, this is a new design that was constructed from the anatomical shape of a runner’s foot to guarantee a glove like fit.

Brooks is dedicated to you as a Runner. You ask the questions and they listen. This new line is in response to what we have asked for as runners; new and innovative giving us the power to choose how we would like to run. “It challenges you to connect to the ground, hug the turns and get in touch with your surroundings.” Brooks Sports

Stay Tuned for the release of these mysterious little wonders at Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters.

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