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Here at Good Sports, we have all been there at least once in our lives. I bet you have too. That uncomfortable place, where you suddenly realize, I’m not suppose to be here. “Let’s bounce! Get out of here as quickly as possible. Must. Get. Away. Now.” It can happen when you’re in your own country, accidentally landing on the wrong side of town. But when you are in another country, landing on the wrong side of town, the need to keep a hold of your passport, money, and life becomes mandatory. I am going to cover some essential travel gear and pro-tips for travelling safely this Fall.


1. Protect Your Wallet

Protect and unpack your wallet before you depart. Some carry their SSN, car insurance, and very important documents in their wallet that you will not need for the trip. Unpack these before departure. While this is quite obvious, you might not unload the unnecessary items if you hadn’t already thought of it. You should also contact your bank to notify them that you will be going out of the country. An investment in a RFID Pac-Safe wallet is a wise move whether that is the Men’s wallet or Women’s organizer. The reason is, that digital thieves can yank your identity by using an electronic device that picks up your RFID enabled credit or debit card while simply standing next to you on the bus.


Pickpocketing is an uncontrollable part of travelling to a certain degree. In some places it can be worse than others. It purely depends on where you are travelling. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to prevent pickpocketing from ruining your adventure. Get an Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Money Belt. This is what I used for my last trip to Europe. Another type of belt for emergency situations is available too. The Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt is a belt for your jeans that has an inner zipper to stash some money and/or one important document. This belt is not an easy access belt. It is designed to be used for emergencies. For the Ladies, an Eagle Creek Undercover Bra Stash is a secure way to comfortably keep the essentials together under your bra. Lastly, every stereotypical tourist has a neck wallet, but not all have the additional RFID Protection with Eagle Creek RFID Block Neck Wallet.

2.Protect Your Purse

When getting your purse, think about how concealable it can be. When I mean concealed, I also mean low profile. If you have a Coach, Louis Vuitton, or Tori Burch Purse that is NOT concealed. That big name purse is simply attracting attention. Bring it with you if you must, but be aware that you are going to be a target for thieves. Bring something along the lines of a Pac-safe Citysafe, and you are not only going to be less of a target, you will have a purse that cannot be knifed into. A steel mesh lies on the inside of the purse’s fabric which will not allow a cardboard knife to slice through the strap or into the purse. We heard of an incident once when a customer was on the public transit in Seville, Spain and their bag strap was knifed out of their grasp. It never hurts to be over-prepared for unforeseen instances.

3. Secure your luggage

Whether you are backpacking through hostels or private jetting your way to Le Hotel De Crillon, you need to secure your luggage. For your Eagle Creek luggage it is very easy to lock up each zipper with an Eagle Creek TSA approved luggage lock.
When backpacking, it is much harder to lock up each and every pocket with an individual lock for each pocket (Plus most backpacking pockets don’t have steel locks). Here is your answer. The Pac-Safe Exomesh  is THE perfect way to lock your bag at the hostel to your bed bunk and not worry about strangers digging through your bag. It will protect your things from overly friendly strangers sleeping next to you that you don’t quite trust yet.

Lastly, here is an overly comprehensive checklist that will cover all of your bases for your typical adventure. This will cover everything you need to bring other than a particular trip’s specific needs.

checklistYou can come get a physical copy here at Good Sports Outfitters before you depart. Be sure to travel safe and remember to take lots of photos, bring a journal, and travel with a friend to create a memory!


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Always continuing to find the best quality in outdoor gear, Good Sports has been carrying eyewear retainers to keep those favorite sunglasses of yours attached to you. We carry Cablz for a few reasons.  Cablz will stop the river from consuming your $239 dollar Costas in the lightest possible manner. Cablz are built out of a rubber connector and woven steel wire. These very well designed sunglass “lanyards” are the lightest weight lanyards because they connect directly to the frame of the glasses. The lanyard does not lay on your neck.

Okay. So an unavoidable truth: Depending on the glass frame that you have Cablz can sometimes be a pain to put on. If you have wide temple tips (the tips of your sunglasses frame that go over your ear), it will be a bit of a pain to get them on. But! Once they are one, you will remain confident that the steel wire is not going to come off; thus keeping your glasses on your head. Not into oblivion where they will never be seen again!


If you have worn croakies or any kind of fabric lanyard, you have experience the inevitable wear and tear that time puts onto your lanyard. If you’re in college and repping you greek letters, you can’t get around avioding Croakies, but keeping your sunglasses safe around your neck doesn’t always have to be cumbersome.  You have probably been bothered by the lanyard catching onto your collar. That won’t happen with a Cablz.

You won’t ever have to worry about your Cablz getting funky or getting wet either. The steel wire is coated with a “easy-to-the-touch” layer that keeps the steel from oxidizing.  The Zipz Cablz have ball bearing patented technology slider that allows you to cinch up to 8″ and loosen down to 14″. The ball bearing technology basically allows you to change sizes with ease and not turn your lanyard into a static solid length that you can’t change.


Be sure not settle for the knockoff version. Cablz are the Original wire glasses retainer.  Check out the Cablz we have in stock at Good Sports and get some before you lose your next pair of favorite sunglasses.

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Today, I’m going to be talking about MSR’s stove system, the MSR Reactor. This system is an integrated unit that works off of canister fuel and packs within itself for storage. Because the system is made to work together, you have an integrated system that is highly efficient at cooking. On a 227g canister (standard MSR size) you can get 22 liters of water boiled. This allows you to carry less fuel than you would need if you were using a different stove.


As you can see above, the entire system packs into the pot, which is a huge space saver for those of you who need to carry everything on your back. Cascade Designs, MSR’s parent company, also offers a few other lines of great products for the outdoors.

Stop by Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters today and come take a look at this great addition to your camping gear!

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The Helios Trail shoe by La Sportiva contends as one of the best pure trail shoes for your outdoor running adventures. This trail shoe is constructed for the serious trail runner. If trails run through your veins, you need to seriously consider test driving the Helios by La Sportiva.

The Helios is a low profile dynamic trail shoe that will get you from the trail head to the top of your next adventure. The sole is constructed with a dynamic wave pattern allowing for ultimate traction in which it responds best in loose gravel and sticky muddy conditions. It’s light weight coming in a 8.5 ounces (Men’s size 9). This shoe also falls into a minimal shoe because of its Heel-to-toe drop of only 4mm.

Check out Good Sports Outfitters and test drive your new favorite trail shoes!

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The new iteration of the Asics Nimbus 15 has landed for both men and women here at Good Sports. We have a couple of colors for both and are already starting to see them fly off the shelf. Stop by the store or visit us Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters to get a pair while they last!

There are a few updates to the shoe that fine tune the fit and feel. The midsole is now a system that Asics is calling FluidRide, this is made up of a top layer of very plush EVA foam, a bottom later of EVA foam in a higher density, with super soft gel sandwiched in between. This multi layer cushioning system improves the ride for an even better ride on the road. The upper has panels of stretch mesh that allow it to form to the foot instead of having points that pinch or are loose.

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Hey guys, we came across a great blog about gear recently by GearJunkie that you should definitely check out to stay on the up and up with the latest and greatest gear in the outdoor community.  This blog covers everything from sleeping bags to sunglasses, along with most things in between.  We really enjoyed the read around here and wanted to share the list with all of you out there!

Click here to take you to the list!

Once you’ve done that and you found a few things to add to your wish list (I know I did) check out our website or stop by the store an see if we can help to get you updated!

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Stinson Tarmac Stinson Evo

The Brand

As the minimal shoe has evolved over the past few years, we’re starting to see new development in areas other than the extreme minimal world that Vibram Five Fingers live in.  Hoka One One is a company that took cushioning to a whole new level while still offering a minimal difference between the thickness in the heel and in the toe.  This means that you still have a natural gait being promoted in shoes that have a 32mm cushion under the heel.

Because of the thickness in the midsole, Hoka can use a softer EVA than what most companies use for a softer ride.  With the amount of cushioning under foot you also can go over just about any terrain and not deal with the usual fear of rock bruising or foot strain.  Hoka One One shoes have found that they are able to reduce the striking force with each stride which in turn reduced the chances for injury and recovery time.

The Shoes

What you see above are two different shoes, first is the Stinson Tarmac.  This is a road shoe with 32mm of cushion under the heel and 26mm of cushion under the metatarsal.  This leaves only a 6mm drop that is significantly lower than that of most traditional running shoes.  When you try the shoe on you can immediately feel the amount of cushioning with each step.  The laces are in a kind of speed lace design that allow you to secure the excess under an elastic band.  This makes taking the shoes on and off a ‘cinch’.

Next up is the Stinson Evo.  This is built on the Stinson platform, which means the same midsole, with a more trail oriented outsole and upper.  The outsole features direction spacific lugs that allow for traction across various terrain.  With the amount of cushion under the foot, you don’t have a rock plate in the shoe, but with 26mm to absorb each hit, a rock plate is pretty much a moot point.

We’ve got both of the Stinson models in the store and ready for you to come try on!  We’d love for you to stop by and try them on!


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