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GoPro has some big shoes. Competitors are trying diligently to fill those big shoes, but GoPro remains the standard by which all action cameras are measured.  “The HERO3+ illustrates GoPro’s commitment to innovation,” says GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. “We took the world’s best-selling ultra compact camera and made it better because we’re relentless in our pursuit of delivering the best possible user experience to our customers.” When the Hero 3 debuted, the biggest upgrade was Wi-Fi capabilities. That was a game changer for action cameras. This year, many of us were expecting GoPro to make as much of a leap as they made last year’s upgrade. This year’s new GoPro is not as monumental as the previous upgrade from Hero2 to Hero3, but still a very nice upgrade.


Is the new GoPro Hero3+ really even worth the hype? It’s nicer eh? But should I even consider the Hero3+?

I’ll Break it down below and let you make the decision. Fact is, yes, it IS a better camera. It’s just that we (at least I was) were expecting more from GoPro because of the huge jump they made last year from Hero2 to Hero3. The brand is untouchable. GoPro is the standard by which all mountable actions camera are measured. Everything is compared to the GoPro. This year, GoPro has made the small problems that the Hero3 had, much better and faster. The Hero3+ is simply a better camera with better capabilities.


The processor inside has been dramataically improved. You can now see 4x as fast live feed of your camera via the Wi-Fi display. The Regular Hero3 had a five second delay on the “Live” view feed. Aggravating. Not a deal breaker, but for a $400 dollar camera, aggravating. With the new Hero3+, that 5 second delay is a 1 second delay. Much more tolerable.  This “beefed-up” processor also allows for your media transfer and viewing to be much faster. GoPro updated their Smartphone/Tablet App at the end of July which allowed you to share footage from Camera –> Device –> Social Media. Only down side to this was that you couldn’t upload it very fast because the Regular Hero3 doesn’t handle that large capacity of data very quickly. The Hero3+ is here to demolish slow upload speeds. Awesome. I’m down.

The most significant change the GoPro Hero3+ has is it’s exterior. The Camera is actually the same size. Your Regular GoPro Hero3 can fit into the new slim housing. 20% Smaller and lighter is misleading. The new GoPro Hero3+ is 20% lighter because reduced weight of the waterproof dive housing. The actual camera is the same size, but the housing has been reduced. The camera fits much more snugly in the housing. Common complaints of rattling were because the Regular GoPro had some room to jiggle around inside the housing. Inside the GoPro 3+ housing there is much less room for the GoPro to create that chatter noise.

Lastly with hardware, the microphone has been improved. The Regular Hero3 sounds very muffled when in the housing. The improved microphone on the Hero3+ is significantly better than the Regular Hero3 and picks up audio much better.



There is another new thing! It’s called Superview. Previously, we had narrow, medium and wide viewing settings. Superview grasps the full view of the lens and captures even more of your surroundings without much lens distortion. It makes the ultimate fisheye lens capture abilities even wider. This translates to more being captured from a closer range. Say you are mounting your camera inside your car. You can see the entire cabin of your car with Hero3+, whereas the wide setting wouldn’t get as much width with the Regular Hero3.

The Hero3 + also has an Automatic Low Light Mode. It will slow down frame rates to capture more light in low light situations. Personally, I have had issues with clarity in low low situations. I was a little disappointed with my Regular Hero3 on the 4th of July trying to capture the firework show. The new Hero3+ will capture low light situations much better.

Battery Life

Battery life was such an issue for GoPro that they made a Battery BacPac. Batteries are separately because if you are filming more than an hour of content without charging, you will need another battery.  Battery issues have been addressed and your GoPro Hero3+ now has 30% more battery life. 1050mAh (3.885Wh) battery in the Regular Hero 3 has been switched out for an 1180mAh (4.37Wh) battery in the Hero3+ which translates to about another 45 mins more of continuous usage. The Regular Hero3 Black will run for an hour and a half (With Wi-Fi, Protune, and 4K on 100%); The new Hero3+ Black will run for 2 hours and fifteen of constant 100% usage.



The bottom line is that this camera is a significant upgrade. It is the refined, fit, sleek, improved version of the Regular Hero3. Truth is that it is still a good deal to get a Regular Hero3 too. It’s priced down to $330. Presumably that will remain, until they run out of Regular Hero3s. By the way, info on how many Regular Hero3s they have left is unknown, and how many more they are going to be making. As soon as i know, I will make a comment in the comments below. Even though it may not have been the monumental upgrade we were hoping for, this camera is still an exceptional piece to add. If you want to get your hands on the newest upgrade from GoPro, jump on it! It is a sweet camera that you will not regret buying. Go here to get the GoPro Hero3+ to begin documenting your adventures (or daily oddities too). Stop telling people about your thrills or even trombone skills and show them! Upload to Youtube! Upload to Vimeo! Even Upload to your Facebook. Get creative with it! Start out with some of these ideas and run with it. I’ll share your video on our Facebook if it is relative to our store. I mean who knows, this could be you if you want it to be!

But! You can’t do it without a GoPro!



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