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Brooks Sports, the first ever to introduce a biodegradable running shoe midsole: BioMoGo. This is truly the most exciting environmental friendly creation to hit the industry. A non-toxic additive was added to the original MoGo compound that creates science between your toes. This new and improved product encourages the anaerobic microbes to munch away once it hits an active landfill which will degrade 50 times faster than that of a traditional midsole.

Brooks has even gone a step further with the release of the Green Silence. This shoe is an eco-innovation worth slipping into. 75% of the shoe‘s materials are post-consumer recycled! Let’s break this down so you can appreciate the intricate detailing that produced this fun little contraption.

The midsole is constructed of the biodegradable, high-resiliency BioMoGo foam, and unlike many racing flats you will notice it is quite bulky on the bottom. However, being recycled material the weight is impeccable and by having a thicker midsole this shoe will offer a wider base net for more inherent support. This racing flat is in it for the long haul, 26.2 will easily be mistaken for a 3.1 mile long run. A water-based adhesive connects to the 30% recycled rubber outsole providing you with cushion, durability and energy. As the shoe wraps up and around your foot with the synthetic overlays, you will notice the shoe is connected all the way around producing a secure glove-like fit while ensuring no discomfort of the movable tongues. . Asymmetrical lacing twines down your foot following the unique bone structure beneath your skin giving you the ultimate comfort. An EVA Soy-based Sockliner wiggles through the insole giving you the option of racing in cushy socks or going bare. A biodegradable collar connects to the insole at the heel, hugging your Achilles just enough to ensure no slippage. Sliding back down the heel you will find the Podular Technology that enhances each runner’s most natural gait. The midsole and outsole components were engineered to set the foot in the most efficient position. From heel strike to toe off the shoe will flex with your foot and give you as much energy as you put into it. The components of the Green Silence offer optimal performance. We have explored the Green Silence from end to end now it is time for you to slip into this light-weight racer and save the world one stride at a time. From laces, gills, and reinforced webbing to water-based adhesives and soy-based colorants the green silence allows you to make an eco-statement as you are making the ultimate health statement. Take the Responsibility when you take first place!



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