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Alright folks, you asked and we listened.  Inov-8 has been introduced to our shoe lineup and is now available both at Good Sports as well as on our website.  We’ve received many requests looking for a great minimal shoe that actually has some cross training capabilities rather than one of the usual running variety that you see on the market.  Inov-8 does not disappoint with their f-lite 195, 220, and 230.

The f-lite is offered in three different weights (thus the numbers, their weight in grams) with differing heel drops.  This shoe truly belongs in the cross trainer category with increased lateral stability from a regular running shoe.  Even though the f-lite series is not strictly a running shoe, you’ll find that they transition very well into running. This is great for people who are looking for a workout shoe that performs well for both lifting as well as cardio activity.

We couldn’t leave the f-lite series to fend for itself on the wall, so we’ve also brought in three others from the Inov-8 line.  First up is the Road-X 233.  A true minimal running shoe with amazing performance. Second up is the Bare-Grip 220. A minimal trail shoe with some very aggressive tread for increased grip.  Last but not least is Inov-8’s ROCLite 312 GTX. This is now our lightest weight waterproof trail runner.  This piece is ideal for people in damper climates looking to keep their feet dry and comfortable.

Now that we’ve brought them in, come by and try them on!


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Brooks has jumped on the wagon to minialmistville. However Brooks may be taking the cake on this new move. The Pure Project soon to launch this fall is surprising and inspiring. This method is allowing the runners to connect to their surroundings. Let’s get to know these mysterious wonders.

Good Sports will be carrying the Brooks PureFlow, PureConnect, PureCadence, and the PureGrit. These four shoes will be equipped with 5 unique innovations. 1st the Ideal Heel, this is Brooks signature inverted heel that promotes a natural foot strike by landing in the forefoot area which will essentially align the runner’s center of gravity. 2nd the Toe Flex, this splitting of the toe box will allow the big toe to function independently enhancing a powerful push-off and enhanced flexibility. 3rd a Nav Band, this band wraps over the instep providing an even amount of reinforcement and conforms to the individual foot shape and size. 4th BioMoGo DNA, here is the earthly friend we have all come to know and love throughout the Brooks line. This material is an adaptable cushioning system ensuring optimum comfort. 5th Anatomical Last, this is a new design that was constructed from the anatomical shape of a runner’s foot to guarantee a glove like fit.

Brooks is dedicated to you as a Runner. You ask the questions and they listen. This new line is in response to what we have asked for as runners; new and innovative giving us the power to choose how we would like to run. “It challenges you to connect to the ground, hug the turns and get in touch with your surroundings.” Brooks Sports

Stay Tuned for the release of these mysterious little wonders at Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters.

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The Minimalist movement has guzzled the running community. Now Saucony introduces their lightest and most minimal shoe ever, the Saucony Hattori. If you want to be a minimalist runner slip your feet into a pair and witness the marvel, this shoe is literally an extension to your foot.

The Hattori is a zero drop shoe leaving you with a one to one ratio between your heel and your toes. This method allows you to efficiently place your feet according to how your body wants them to fall. The heel and forefoot height of the Hattori, rest at approximately 13 mm. The Toe box is wider than that of the Kinvara which allows your feet to react in a natural manner. Stretching and grabbing on to the shoe in order for you to push off as you would if you were barefoot. There is no insole; however Saucony has designed the inner with a highly breathable Sock liner which allows you to run without socks. A Synthetic Exoskeleton surrounds your foot keeping the upper snug to your foot throughout your workout. Soft Suede Overlays has been intertwined with the Exoskeleton to give you an adder comfort as well as a lightweight structure. Beneath these two components is an Ultra- light Mesh wraps around your foot providing breathability. As we rise back to the top of the shoe you will notice two Velcro straps. One is designed to hug your Achilles just enough to reduce slippage and the other is replacing the tedious laces by securing your foot with one single, sturdy strap across the instep. Now for the dirt. The outsole is constructed of XT-900 rubber; this is a carbon rubber that provides durability in the heel and medial forefoot. There is an EVA midsole to absorb a fair amount of the shock. XT Pods have been intricately placed amongst the shoe for the striking areas. These Pods have been placed in the areas where a forefoot runner should strike and push off; these Pods provide a sufficient rebound while still enhancing your most natural gait. This 4.5 ounce apparatus’ goal was to change and elevate the way barefoot runners’ look, feel, and think as they endure every run on every terrain. I believe this innovation has achieved Saucony’s mission , the “holy grail” of minimal running, The Saucony Hattori.


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