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Finding the correct running shoe is more than how pretty the colors are. That is actually the very last thing that should matter.  When you are ready to get properly fitted for a running shoe, come to Good Sports. We will take care of you. There are a few things that you need to be aware of when choosing the correct running shoe.

1.Map your foot

Here at Good Sports Outfitters we have an Aetrex foot scanner that will read the pressure points of your foot. From there we can tell you the shape of your foot. How high your arches are, how wide your foot is, exact heel-to-toe length, etc.  Once we know the shape of your foot, we can more accurately place you into the right shoe.


2. Get the correct type of shoe

Everyone’s foot is different. This also implies that everyone’s foot strike is different as well. The motion in which your ankle rolls with every step is a fingerprint that is unique to you. There are three types of shoes that will correctly align your entire body. If you would like a detailed explanation of how pronation works, this video below explains it very well.

Pronated Supinated diagramoffeet

3. Find the right fit.

All different brands of shoes have different fits of shoes. They have rectangular, triangular, narrow, wide, high arches, medium arches, low arches. If you have higher arches, Brooks shoes are a good option to begin with. If you have medium to low arches we would start you off trying on some Asics. If you foot is a more rectangular shape we would start you out in a Saucony shoe. Each brand has its own personality. The point is to find a shoe that matches your foot shape, your foot’s personality.

4. Get the right size.

While this may seem like an overly obvious statement, we know from experience that too people are wearing the same sized dress shoe as their athletic shoe. Athletic shoes run smaller than dress shoes. You should not be wearing the same sized running shoe as you do when wearing a tuxedo shoe. You need to make up for the size discrepancy by going a half or full size larger than your dress shoe size (Typically).

The only way to truly know is to put the shoe on in the store. Of course! The best way to do this is to come into the store and we will properly fit YOU for the correct running shoe!


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Say “Sayonara” to the new shoe by Mizuno! Wait! No. What? Say goodbye to a new shoe?


No, really what you are saying is goodbye to the Wave Elixir line and saying hello the the runner/trainer Wave Sayonara line coming this week at Goodsports!

Sayonara is Mizuno’s effort to bring you closer to Mezamashii Running. Finding your “Zen” in running, the high that we all strive for in our runs. Saying goodbye to all troubles we have in our daily world, and going for a run to simply get away and push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. We all have a friend that we need to vent to, or a hobby to keep our sanity, diverting all our stress in a positive direction. For those of us that channel our stress into a work out, come get fit into the newest from Mizuno and give Sayonara a test drive to see how well this trainer/Runner will locate your happy place, whether it be at the Gym or on the trail.


The Low-Down

  • The Sayonara is an overall 30% lighter EVA foam coined U4ia (pronounced Euphoria) that will give you a “next to nothing” feel.
  • 8.1 ounces (men’s Size 9) and 7.1 Ounces (Womens Size 8)
  • 10mm Heel-to-Toe drop that encourages your toe-off with umcompromised support.
  • A nearly seamless upper that will hug your foot.

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Mizuno Wave Prophecy

The time has come! After 7 years of R&D by Mizuno, their pinnacle shoe has hit the market. Mizuno Wave Prophecy features the “Infinity Wave Plate” that dissipates the impact of heel, midfoot or forefoot striking runners.

I’m a big boy and anything that can save my size 14s from absorbing my 240 “el bees” is fine by me. No “minimal” shoe in the world can do that. Can I get an Amen? DYNAMOTION FIT™ creates an upper that moves with your foot and provides great breathability.

They now even have another color:

Stop by Good Sports today and get you some!

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The new edition to Mizuno’s Wave Elixir line is here at Good Sports, the Wave Elixir 7. Featuring Mizuno’s Wave Technology, the mid-sole is very effective with cushioning your step while not adding much weight to the mid-sole in order to do so. This shoe does provide some pronation control, though not as much as it’s cousin, the Nirvana. For those of you out there looking either for a lighter weight option than the Nirvana or those of you looking for something with a fairly minimal heel to toe drop, this shoe is worth your time to try on. Drop by our store and check out this new addition to our line!

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Alright folks, we’ve decided to put another Groupon out there for you. This time around we’re offering you a $40 of redeemable shoe Groupon-ness for the low low price of only $20.

This offer is good for both our main store as well as the outlet on Beckwith Blvd. All of our shoes are valid for this deal, including the one’s already on sale. This means everything from the brand new selection from UGG Australia that we have in all the way through Keen sandals and everything in between.

This Groupon goes on sale today and will only be available for a few days, so jump on the chance before it passes.  Now don’t worry if you can’t get into the store during those few days, the Groupon will be redeemable through Feb. 6.  This should give even the most astute of us procrastinators out there ample time to make good use of it.

























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In 1997 a dream was born within the Mizuno family; dedication to the brand, passion for the sport, and strength of intricate minds put together to create a marvel for the world to see. Wave Technology sparked a fire that has been burning now for fourteen years, only getting bigger and stronger every day. Now after seven long years the pinnacle of Mizuno’s technology was placed amongst the walls of running stores across the world, Mizuno Wave Prophecy. At first glance the new high-end Wave Prophecy appears to be missing something, all of the cushioning! The Mizuno Engineers have found a way to rid the bulky EVA foam used in all the Mizuno models and replaced it with not one but two plastic plates. This sounds faintly irrational; however these plates are connected at ten different locations by little plastic struts, increasing cushion whether it be heelstrike, midstrike, or even forestrike. This springy new design provides an efficient amount of energy for push off in any position as well as reducing the weight of the shoe. The full-length Infinity wave provides the ultimate cushioning, rebound and durability by reducing the mid-sole foam. Many do not realize the plushAP™+ Midsole foam was not completely taken from the shoe. Mizuno has placed the squishy foam beneath the forefoot to enhance a smooth transition from heel to toe. Dynamotion fit engulfs your foot adapting to the shrinkage of your foot from toe off moving simultaneously with your skin providing a unique, flexible, ultimate fit. Ortholite Sockliner is an anti-microbial and moisture wicking insole that has been constructed to create a healthy environment for your feet mile after mile. Intercool Ventilation system twines up, down, and around your foot solving the problem of heat and humidity build up while running emitting hot air and enveloping the cool air. As a girl I was very impressed with the new SmoothRide System inserted into the outsole, this product minimize energy lose by optimizing flexibility in the forefoot. The forefoot will flex with your feet but it will stop approximately at a 15 degree angle ensuring a fast turnover; which girls can do it all and better than boys but any extra help is a gold star in my book. Mizuno Technology is not finished just yet, this shoe even consist of some Gender Engineering that are truly astounding. Generally women have higher Q-Angles than men which cause us to strike the ground with a greater angle, causing over pronation. The women’s model is more flexible allowing the shoe to compress on the lateral heel providing less of a chance to roll over. Finally the outsole is constructed of a solid rubber creating Mizuno’s most durable shoe on the market today. However the rubber is thin enough so it is not too heavy and it also allows the independent studs to provide efficient traction while moving and displacing throughout movement, creating a cushioning sensation. The cutting-edge engineering creates a fun, healthier world by enhancing sport.

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The time has come! After 7 years of R&D by Mizuno, their pinnacle shoe has hit the market. Mizuno Wave Prophecy features the “Infinity Wave Plate” that dissipates the impact of heel, midfoot or forefoot striking runners.

I’m a big boy and anything that can save my size 14s from absorbing my 240 “el bees” is fine by me. No “minimal” shoe in the world can do that. Can I get an Amen? DYNAMOTION FIT™ creates an upper that moves with your foot and provides great breathability.

It’s already 100 degrees plus out there, breathability = less foot funkiness. You feel me?

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