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1. GoPro Hero 3 Black


Michael has been wanting this camera because he can do all of his climbing and biking and YouTube them for the world to see. Instead of telling the sick lines he climbed yesterday, he can show them! GoPro just updated their Studio 2.0 program too! you can add the cool GoPro branding intro with the sound effects to all of your videos. Check it out here.

2. La Sportiva Mythos


It’s the best fitting climbing shoes in my (and Michael’s too) opinion. It has an old-school lacing system that has been around for 30+ years thus making it actually old school. La Sportiva must be doing something right. Right? Vibram Rubber always adds value to a product. He has had his for to years and they are still kicking, or should he say… climbing.

3. Eagle Nest Outfitter’s Hammock Rasta


Packable. Portable. Relaxation. The personalization of colors and accessories and bug shields. Just gotta have one. I mean who doesn’t like hammocks.If you get one, get the Atlas Straps too. You will be glad you did.

4. Altra Intuition 1.5 Orange


Michael wears these everyday. I think that says enough, right?

5. Arc’Teryx Muira 35


As a climber, Michael sees the practicality of this bag. Can’t blame him for choosing an Arc’teryx well… anything. Can’t ever go wrong with Arc’teryx. The bag opens up very nicely to have everything lain out in plain sight. AND! Wraps up very nicely too.

6.Suunto Ambit 2 Black/silver


This is the sickest watch that Suunto carries. Who wouldn’t want this watch? The Ambit2 has upgrade-ability. You can buy a heart rate monitor separately that will allow you to monitor your heart rate zones. Along with the basic standards that come with from Suunto watches, you will have built in GPS in the watch.

7. Black Diamond Icon Headlamp


Multiple settings allow for dim lighting and even red lights for the situations that you want to remain low-profile. The Icon flashes out 200 lumens to keep your spelunking lit up.

8. Patagonia Classic Retro-X Sweater


The woolie mammoth sweater! Someone could mistake you as a yeti snow monster of some sorts but you will look good doing it! The retro patterns are coming back as Patagonia is pushing old school patterns across this season’s line of apparel.

9. Metolius Simulator 3D board


A place to Practice at home. This is a trainer board that you can work finger strength with a range of shallow and deep pockets. Work on crimp and open hand strengthening. It comes with a manual to demonstrate how to work out on the board. Here‘s an example of how you can workout on the board if you want to see how good of a tool this can be for your climbing. The board is a simple at home tool to use to, when your bored (or should I say board. HA!), start getting as strong as this guy, Jan Hojer. I dare you.

10. Black Diamond Crag Hoody

thumb-black diamond crag hoody onyx

It is a slim fitting rock culture inspired jacket.


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The Market Place

There are multitudes of proprietary waterproof-breathable fabrics on the market. If you know anything about waterproof breathable fabrics, you must have heard of Gore-Tex®. Once you have worn a high quality breathable waterproof garment, you understand that having a breathable waterproof fabric can make a world of a difference. Gore-tex is the standard for a very high quality W-B (Waterproof-Breathable: I’m going to use the W-B acronym for my own sake) fabric mostly because they started the idea of a Waterproof-Breathable Fabric in 1966. They are the go-to because their launch of the first Waterproof-Breathable raincoat hit the shelves in 1977 as a major success (many who tread lightly would likely still have that same jacket). While Gore-Tex® is the benchmark for W-B fabrics, it is certainly not the only. Patagonia uses their own H2NO® in their raincoats, rain pants, and ski gear which is a spray on “laminate/membrane.” Marmot’s version is Precip®. The North Face’s has their Hy-vent® which is used in a lot of their price-point W-B apparel lines.

I will go into detail how spray-on membranes/laminates are constructed at the end of the next section.


Photo courtesy Gore-Tex®

Breath-ability  – Understanding The Science

For things to breathe you need to be in a climate temperatures inside and outside of your jacket/pant. “Wait” you say. “I am wearing this technical Waterproof-Breathable jacket/pant, which means I will not get sweaty and will always stay dry because this jacket is like an A/C Unit right?” Not so much. Not AT ALL.

Let’s say the outside and inside of your jacket is 90˚F with 80% humidity. It is then scientifically impossible for a piece of fabric to fix both climates, inside and out. AKA will not breathe!!

If you find one that does PLEASE let me know, I’d love to wear it and see this miracle fabric you have found.

But, when you are out on the slopes and it is 10˚F with 20% humidity outside, and inside your jacket is 90˚F with 80% humidity (because you are crushing some fresh POW-POW lines) your W-B jacket breathes very well.

On the other hand, imagine crushing the same slopes while wearing a trash bag. You are still water proof, but you’re Niagara Falls on the inside. You will wish you had come to Good Sports before you hit the slopes.

Bottom-line: When the climate inside your jacket/pant is greatly contrasting the outside climate, you will be able to feel moisture management at its best. Also, waterproof is waterproof. So if you are in a trash bag, you will be waterproof. With Gore-Tex you are also waterproof, but now you are comfortable.   Comfort is driven by the breathability.

Another good way to look at GTX (Gore-Tex) membrane is thinking of it as a bird’s nest. A bird’s nest structured membrane that has billions of tiny holes per square inch. The fact is that each hole is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, yet 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule.


Photo courtesy Gore-Tex®

Gore-Tex Performance membrane is the standard which everything has been built on, but there are also variances of breath-ability within Gore-Tex fabrics. It gets pretty heady getting into details. Which fabric is which? Which one do I need to wear? That purely depends on what you want to do; Where and how you are getting there. If you need a direct answer, contact us at Good Sports. Happy to help with your specific adventure inquiries.

  • Performance Shell – Original GTX fabric breathable, mid-weight, with great durability
  • Pro Shell-  Breathable, light weight, with superb durability
  • Pac-Lite-  Most breathable, lightest weight, with good durability
  • Active Shell- More breathable, Light weight, with good durability AND stretch!

Now! to spray on liners. Spray on Waterproof-Breathable liners are interesting. It is a Polyurethane (PU) material that is sprayed onto the fabric. Then using a factory sized squeegee, spread out on top of a large sheet of fabrics. It is then heated, baked onto the fabric. This is most frequently seen when companies keep the price range feasible. They are significantly less durable than Gore-Tex, yet still breathable and waterproof. For example, the Patagonia Torrent shell rain coat and The North Face Venture shell are a proprietary liner. These breathable rain coats are truly great intros to a rain coat. A huge step up from a plastic poncho. No doubt. It all depends on how much you want to shell out.


As I mentioned before Pro-shell is the most durable and lightweight waterproof fabric that Gore-Tex has created. It is a pretty simple equation. The more durable the jacket plus the higher breathability, equals a higher price for the product. With these two components, they directly correlate with the price of the garment.

  • Durability + Price = Degree of breathability

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 4.01.40 PM

There is very rigorous testing done on everything “Gore”. Coming from a scientifically born company, the company is filled with scientific personalities  diligently curious about the cutting edge. They do it very thoroughly. The bottom line that you need to know is that Gore-Tex is the highest quality of W-B fabrics on the market. You will be paying for that. When you are buying a comparable product and paying less you are simply losing durability and breathability.

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It’s about that time of year when we start looking forward to the winter months.  Finally tired of the triple digits, we set our sights on ski season.  It’s time to bust out the jackets you’ve been keeping at the back of your closet and taking stock for this year.  We can also finally start making use of some of those fall clothes with the changing weather.

Good Sports is ramping up for the season with all your favorites: Bogner, Kjus, Burton, The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot and Obermeyer along with some new contenders: Special Blend and Quiksilver. Whether your looking to re-outfit yourself from head to toe or just pick up a pair of The North Face Etip gloves so you can bust out your phone on the slopes, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget to make sure your feet are both warm and comfortable too.  We’ve got the latest in UGG, Sorel and Technica to cover warm and comfortable but still keep you looking great up on the mountain.

Don’t hesitate to stop by the store! The sales staff is getting as excited for the season as you all are. If you just want to know the differences between two different jackets, or need to know what a first time skier needs to make their first trip up to see snow a great time, we’ve got you covered!

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