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Is this your Luggage?


You need help!

Good Sports can help! No matter how long or short of a trip you are taking, you shouldn’t pack more than you need. At the same time don’t pack too little. Of course make sure you are packing appropriate clothing for the time of travel. There you are, properly dressed for the beach Jeep joy rides, when you arrive in New Zealand’s rainy season. You will look like a tourist, which is not something to be proud of. I’ve got three Pro-tips to start you off in the right direction for packing efficiently. Doing so with the help of Eagle Creek packing system helps immensely.


1. Multipurpose Garments Save Space Dramatically

First step of packing efficiently is to understand when, where, and what you are doing on your trip. Going to Oregon in summer is a totally different place than in winter. Know your destination’s seasons. When you have educated yourself on the type of clothing you will be needing, you can begin to filter through your closet for the correct clothing. Begin taking inventory on how much you need to be packing. Once you know where you are going you can eliminate a lot of clothing that will not be necessary to pack. Pack items that can be used for more than one thing. For example, bring the sweater you have worn for that romantic dinner that you also have worn as a mid-layer on the ski slopes. Multipurpose garments save space dramatically!

2. Use Pack-it Cubes


They will be your intro drug to packing efficiently. Once you start, you will be so glad you started using Pack-it cubes. First off, I am not the most organized person. I started using the Pack-it system from Eagle Creek somewhere around 7 years ago and I haven’t turned back. It is amazing how much easier it is to find all of your things when using cubes within your luggage. Specifically the Pack-It Specter Folder 15 system allows you to take 15 shirts, fold them wrinkle free, and have them wrapped up nicely into one place. Then you can use the variety of sized pack-it cubes to stash tops in the Green Eagle Creek Specter Cube, bottoms in Orange Specter Sacs , underwear in the White Eagle Creek Specter Cube. Use pack-it cubes!

3. Let’s Roll


Give it a shot. Try rolling your clothes like sardines into each of your cubes. This will save a lot of space. The wrinkle factor is not as bad as you would think either. Even if you fold a shirt quarterly, it is going to have at least four symmetrical wrinkles. With that in mind, you really can’t avoid wrinkles. The rolling system is the same way. Plus you will be saving about 20% more space by rolling tightly into the Specter Tube Cube, or any Eagle Creek Cube for that matter! Let’s roll!

Lastly, If you are going somewhere for more than a week, don’t forget that the rest of the world does laundry too. You can still wash your clothes when abroad. This means you don’t really have to pack for more than a week’s worth of clothing. Safe Travels!


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Here at Good Sports, we have all been there at least once in our lives. I bet you have too. That uncomfortable place, where you suddenly realize, I’m not suppose to be here. “Let’s bounce! Get out of here as quickly as possible. Must. Get. Away. Now.” It can happen when you’re in your own country, accidentally landing on the wrong side of town. But when you are in another country, landing on the wrong side of town, the need to keep a hold of your passport, money, and life becomes mandatory. I am going to cover some essential travel gear and pro-tips for travelling safely this Fall.


1. Protect Your Wallet

Protect and unpack your wallet before you depart. Some carry their SSN, car insurance, and very important documents in their wallet that you will not need for the trip. Unpack these before departure. While this is quite obvious, you might not unload the unnecessary items if you hadn’t already thought of it. You should also contact your bank to notify them that you will be going out of the country. An investment in a RFID Pac-Safe wallet is a wise move whether that is the Men’s wallet or Women’s organizer. The reason is, that digital thieves can yank your identity by using an electronic device that picks up your RFID enabled credit or debit card while simply standing next to you on the bus.


Pickpocketing is an uncontrollable part of travelling to a certain degree. In some places it can be worse than others. It purely depends on where you are travelling. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to prevent pickpocketing from ruining your adventure. Get an Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Money Belt. This is what I used for my last trip to Europe. Another type of belt for emergency situations is available too. The Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt is a belt for your jeans that has an inner zipper to stash some money and/or one important document. This belt is not an easy access belt. It is designed to be used for emergencies. For the Ladies, an Eagle Creek Undercover Bra Stash is a secure way to comfortably keep the essentials together under your bra. Lastly, every stereotypical tourist has a neck wallet, but not all have the additional RFID Protection with Eagle Creek RFID Block Neck Wallet.

2.Protect Your Purse

When getting your purse, think about how concealable it can be. When I mean concealed, I also mean low profile. If you have a Coach, Louis Vuitton, or Tori Burch Purse that is NOT concealed. That big name purse is simply attracting attention. Bring it with you if you must, but be aware that you are going to be a target for thieves. Bring something along the lines of a Pac-safe Citysafe, and you are not only going to be less of a target, you will have a purse that cannot be knifed into. A steel mesh lies on the inside of the purse’s fabric which will not allow a cardboard knife to slice through the strap or into the purse. We heard of an incident once when a customer was on the public transit in Seville, Spain and their bag strap was knifed out of their grasp. It never hurts to be over-prepared for unforeseen instances.

3. Secure your luggage

Whether you are backpacking through hostels or private jetting your way to Le Hotel De Crillon, you need to secure your luggage. For your Eagle Creek luggage it is very easy to lock up each zipper with an Eagle Creek TSA approved luggage lock.
When backpacking, it is much harder to lock up each and every pocket with an individual lock for each pocket (Plus most backpacking pockets don’t have steel locks). Here is your answer. The Pac-Safe Exomesh  is THE perfect way to lock your bag at the hostel to your bed bunk and not worry about strangers digging through your bag. It will protect your things from overly friendly strangers sleeping next to you that you don’t quite trust yet.

Lastly, here is an overly comprehensive checklist that will cover all of your bases for your typical adventure. This will cover everything you need to bring other than a particular trip’s specific needs.

checklistYou can come get a physical copy here at Good Sports Outfitters before you depart. Be sure to travel safe and remember to take lots of photos, bring a journal, and travel with a friend to create a memory!

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When it comes to packing light, or bringing as much as possible, Eagle Creek packing systems can make your life a little easier.

 Eagle Creek packing accessories like the  Pack-it Half Cube and Pack-it Expandable Cube are two of my favorites.  You’ll be surprised by just how much can fit into these and how organized you’ll be once you get to your destination. If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty and use as much space as possible, use the Eagle Creek Compression Sac which reduces the volume of bulky jackets by 80 percent, slip a couple of Pack-it Tube Cube‘s with your underoos into that hard to fill spot in your suitcase where the bars normally keep items from fitting and voila, space is the place!

With Eagle Creek you won’t have to shove another space wasting toiletry kit into your suitcase either.  The
 Eagle Creek Pack-it 2 Sided Cube is the bee’s knees. Use this pack-it cube to separate anything that might spill in one convenient spill proof spot or store clean clothes on one side and dirty clothes on the other.I keep mine packed with toiletries at all times so that I can just grab it and go when a weekend adventure springs up unannounced.

Happy Packing!

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Hey, if you are travelling this summer, and you’re worried about your belongings being stolen from you, I recommend really cool products from PacSafe. There are many styles, but every one of them is made from ballistic fabric which covers high tensile stainless steel wire so it becomes virtually slash proof. Lots of pockets to carry and secure your travel documents, tickets, passport, money etc. makes your travels a little less worrisome. Travel with more confidence & peace of mind w/ PacSafe.


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